Wanna be a Star?

When I say Star, I mean Television Presenter and when I say Television Presenter I mean Infomercialist. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Its national, its paid and you can add your own brand of style and personality to make it shake and bake baby. Its where most big name celebrities today started out. Im loving the old Leonardo De Caprio and John Travolta commercials below, Also check out the list at of celebrities who do infomercials I found. This competition could be your big break. At the very least you will sleep well at night knowing that you helped someone slice and dice easier, grill their food properly, get rid of their big ass zits or mop the floor effectively. Or maybe your just like me and hoping it may lead to a date with hot blonde receptionist from the TV station who wouldn’t normally talk to you. Is it weird that I left my make up on when I asked her out the other day. I digress.
So make your video and upload it to the Danoz Star Search Site, then get your friends to like it on the Danoz Facebook Like page and the job could be yours! Just for liking your video your pals can win plasma screen TVs, Digital cameras and other cool stuff.

While we’re on commercials.

Hers a cool Japanese commercial starring Leonardo De Caprio.

What about Johno Travolta in some “suss” TV commercials.

Celebrities who have done infomercials :
Delta Goodrem and P diddy: Pro Active
Cher: Lori Davis Hair Care
Alex Trebek: WordSmart, vocabulary-building tool
Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Ab Glider
Cheryl Burke: Fullfast Appetite Control Spray
Nick Lachey: Celebrity Trainer for Core Secrets
Judith Light: various
Brooke Shields: various
Alicia Keys: various
Vanessa Williams: Proactiv
Leeza Gibbons: Sheer Cover makeup
Susan Lucci: Malibu Pilates
Victoria Principal: Principal Secret, skin care
Mr. T: FlavorWave Oven Turbo
Dan Marino: Nutrisystem
Chuck Norris: Total Gym
Wesley Snipes: Total Gym
Christie Brinkley: Total Gym
George Foreman: Grill
Cindy Crawford: Meaningful Beauty, skin care
Valerie Bertinelli: Meaningful Beauty, skin care