Random Rant: The Nurofen Ad

You know the wedding commercial where the mother of the bride or some old dodgy nanna puts some nurofen/headache pills on the brides dress?  Wouldn’t you be pissed off if you were expecting cash to be stuck to you and this old mole staples some headache pills to your dress. What is that saying? HEY BITCH YOU’RE A RIGHT HEADACHE! Is a cheap present, the worst last minute present you could ever imagine. Shit! I forgot a wedding present, I know I’ll just give her this half used out of date packet of pills from my purse.
They should have had a punch up right there and then at the wedding.



My GAWD!!! The people who comment on my blog at the Courier are so hardcore.

Some of the stuff theyre writing are so mean. Go and have a look! www.couriermail.com.au (just go to the BLOG section)
Eight years and going strong Big Brother fired up a new show called Big Mouth last night. Pretty damn cool, I must say well well done to all involved.

Im off to my future father in laws birthday tonight, well done for making it this far Steve and than ks for letting me marry your daughter!

Hey Ive got to say Im really pissed off that Big Brother didnt get the Logie again this year. BUMMER.

Thats all, I shouldnt really winge about it anymore.

The logies was fun, I met Peter Hellier, hes cool, Roves script writers were a funny bunch and Daryl Summers was a freakin legend. Loved talking to him about TV and stuff.