As an ACTOR :

BINGE and NBC – Young Rock 2022 as an American prosecutor.

Mike’s talents extend beyond hosting, producing, and voice work. He has showcased his acting prowess across a wide range of productions, leaving an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. His acting credits include notable appearances in popular TV shows like Young Rock 2, Home and Away, A Place to Call Home, The Wilds, and Joe VS Carole. Moreover, Mike’s acting prowess has graced the big screen, with notable roles in feature films such as Dangerous Animals, Zombie Plane, Goddess and Monsters of Man. Whether it’s television or cinema, Mike’s ability to captivate audiences with his performances demonstrates his versatility as a multifaceted entertainer.

APPLE TV – Monsters Of Man shoot in New York City with the team from

As a HOST: An extraordinary figure in the Australian television landscape, Mike has left an indelible mark on the Big Brother franchise for an impressive two-decade span across the 7, 9, and 10 networks. No other TV host in Australia can boast such a remarkable achievement within the realm of reality TV. Having masterfully helmed and lent his voice to over 1700 shows, Michael’s dedication is exemplified by his ability to effortlessly navigate five hours of live national TV on certain days. Beyond his television triumphs, Michael’s illustrious career spans a rich 20-year radio journey, wherein he graced the airwaves with his captivating presence on the SCA radio network. His talents have garnered recognition, including a coveted Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Friday Night Live, International Emmy Nominations, and a prestigious Gold Lion for his contributions to The Great Crusade, a captivating endeavour during the Rugby World Cup.

Mike Goldman Voiceover and Actor.
The most successful reality TV show on the planet.
I hosted and voiced Big Brother for over 20 years on 7, 9 and 10 up until 2021.

As a PRODUCER: In addition to his hosting prowess, Mike has established himself as a versatile producer, spearheading numerous captivating TV commercials and shows. Notably, he brought to life The Big Bro Show on Channel 7, The Mongol Rally, The Real McCoy, Big Brother Up Late, Friday Night Live, Storm Area 51, and an impressive 100 episodes of the acclaimed On The Mike series. Furthermore, Mike’s creative expertise extended to the theatrical realm, where he produced the immensely popular stage show, Katrina: The Real Wog Wife, the “What Your Mumma Went Through” podcast, among many other notable productions. This diverse portfolio merely scratches the surface of Mike’s boundless contributions to the entertainment industry.

As a VOICE: With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Mike has showcased his talent across various domains, including live sports coverage for ESPN (in an American accent), captivating documentaries for esteemed networks like National Geographic and Discovery, and lending his voice to beloved Disney cartoons such as the World Animal Championships and You’re Called What. Whether it’s a conversational piece, a gripping narrative, or a high-energy, hard sell retail advertisement, Mike possesses the versatility to excel in any genre. As a seasoned voice artist, he possesses a remarkable ability to intuitively grasp and interpret scripts, seamlessly adapting to diverse roles and taking direction with utmost professionalism. Mike’s extensive experience is a testament to his remarkable skills and unwavering dedication to his craft.

2024 Zombie Plane passenger

2024 Antarctica Documentary Voice

2024 Dignity Documentary on Child Trafficking in Asia

2024 Film Dangerous Animals Cop

2023 and 24 Big Red and Mundi Mundi bash MC in front of 22,000 people

2023 Actor Zombie Plane with Chuck Norris, Vanilla Ice and Sophie Monk (US accent)

2022 Actor Young Rock 2 – NBC Universal USA  (US accent)

2022 Fiba World Cup Live Voice (US accent)

2022 Actor The Wilds – Amazon Prime USA  (US accent)

2022 The Guns That Changed the Game – Binge (US accent)

2022 Actor Joe VS Carol – Netflix USA  (US accent)

2022 Voice of Rebel Sport and A Mart Sports since 1997

2021 Storm Area 51 – Lets See Them Aliens Documentary Host and Producer

2021 Actor Monsters of Man – Amazon Prime  (US accent)

2020 Host of Plate Of Origin Seven Network

2020 Host of The Big Bro Show Seven Network

2020 Voice of Outback Steakhouse USA

2019 Voice Discovery Networks “Australia’s Arid Heart” Series.

2022 FIBA World Cup Announcer for ESPN USA

2019 Voice of Nat Geo “Power” Series

2019 “Host of On The Mike” weekly chat show

2019 Actor “A Place To Call Home” – Foxtel (US accent)

2018 Presenter and Driver Mongol Rally

2018 Voice Bear Grylls Documentary Voice (US accent)

2018 Rebel Sport presenter

2018 Presenter Commonwealth Games

Host of Channel 7 Studio Live Daily at The Commonwealth games reaching *22 million views. (*Media Week)

2017 Twinings Celebrity Design Competition

2017 Voice The Great Dividing Range – Documentary National Geographic

2016-19 Sydney Kings Basketball MC

2017 Bondi Ink narrator

2017 Hoges – part of US TV Host – Channel Seven (US accent)

2016 Host Red Bull Summer Solstice Competition Host San Francisco

2016 Matt and Mike Show host

2015 Los Angeles, Australians In Film screening of feature Shooting Goldman.

2015 Shooting Goldman Feature Film Official Selection New York Audience Now

2015 Amplify Festival Host

2014 WAC World Animal Championships voice of animated series

2014 Big Brother Voiceover and Host

2014 The Great Australian Barbecue Host Network 7

2013 BBC TV The Day Of The Doctor Host broadcast worldwide to an audience of over 100 million

2013 Feature Film – Goddess with Magda Szubanski and Ronin Keating

2013 Saturday Showdown Host Nine Network as a part of Big Brother

2013 Nickelodeon Slime Fest Host winner of Kids Choice Award for Friday Night Live

2013 All Sports TV with NRL and AFL stars

2013 Entertainment Reporter Australian Super Radio Network

2012-2013 Big Brother TV Series – Host

2012 Date or Dud Host Web Series

2012 Star Search Host Web Series

2012 The Great Crusade (Emmy Nominated and Gold Lion award) Comedy Drama

2012 MIX FM Sydney DJ

2011 Australia’s Next Top Model Voice

2011 KAK Mornings on channel Nine panelist

2011 Hard Rock Cafe Opening Master of Ceremonies Sydney

2011 Andre Rieu Acer Arena Backstage Party MC

2011 Qantas Great Crusade Rugby World Cup Host

2011 Qantas in-flight entertainment host

2011 Justin Beiber Acer Arena Backstage Party MC

2011 Royal Australian Navy X-Box Game On at Fox EQ

2011 Speed Channel Voice Foxtel Australia

2011 Strategic Airlines Thailand Launch MC in Phuket.

2011 Slide on Fox 8 Gameshow host

2011 Travel Writer for MAXIM Magazine

2010 Los Angeles Hollywood Ashes Host with Neil Patrick Harris, Vinnie Jones, and many other celebrities
2010 Host Masterchef Coles Cooking Competition 5 states
2009-2010 Host Drive Radio Show C91.3 FM Sydney
2010 WIN TV Suzie and Bianca Show regular
2010 Apple iPhone 4 Launch Host with Kelly Rowland
2010 Seven Network The Morning Show Justin Bieber Appearance MC
2010 Host Sony Conference with Jess Mauboy, Amy Meredith, Stan Walker and other Sony artists
2010 Optus Launch host with Kim Kardashian
2010 Host of Tim Cahill Gala Ball with Everton FC
2010 X Factor Crowd Warm Up
2008-10 Ralph Swimwear model of the year final host Fox 8
2009/2010 20-1 Nine Network regular
2009-2010 Seven Network Sunrise and The Morning Show regular Wednesday guest
2009 Network Ten Magda Szubanski’s Spearman Experiment regular
2009 Ralph Magazine contributor
2009 Sydney – Mike Goldman’s Gorilla Breakfast 6-9am weekdays
2007-2010 Network Ten Meerkat Manor Narrator
2009 Hollywood Ashes Celebrity Cricket in LA
2009 Domino’s Amazing Race Host
2007/2008 2Day Austereo Breakfast Radio Show Host with Brian McFadden and Rikki Lee
2008 New Year’s Eve Host with Jet, Eskimo Joe, Evermore
2008 Courier Mail entertainment section online writer
2008 Network Ten host Download 7.30 Friday Nights
2001-2008 Big Brother Voiceovers
2004-2008 Network Ten Friday Night Live Host
2003-2007 Network Ten Up Late Show Host
2002 Big Brother Insider regular guest
2001-2007 Big Brother crowd warm up
2007 Afghanistan and Iraq two week defense force tour to entertain the troops
2007 Regular on The Kyle and Jackie O Show Austereo Network
2007 Meerkat Manor Narrator
2007 Friday Night Download host
2001-2007 Host of Big Brother Friday Night Live, Up Late and voiceovers for all shows
2006 Celebrity Joker Poker Network Ten
2006 New Years Eve Special Network Ten
2006-2007 Meerkat Manor Narrator
2006 Cleo Eligible Bachelor
2006 Friday Night Games Network Ten
2004-2007 I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here UK
2005 Host of FOX 8’s Miss Indy TV
2005 Host of Spin TV
2004 Popstars voice and crows warm up
2001-2003 Weekly social reporter Courier Mail Today section
2001 Click on Ten – Friday nights at 7pm on Network Ten
2001 Finalist for Triple J Comedy Competition
1998-2001 Sunday Mail Encore Entertainment Section weekly columnist
1995 1999 DJ Triple M Brisbane Drive and Nights
1994 1995 Triple M Sydney Nights
1994 2Day FM Sydney Nights/Late Nights
1994-1997 Acting at The Sydney Film And TV Academy
1994 ABC TV’s GP Played The Part of Skids
1993 DJ Sea FM NSW Central Coast Nights
1992 Radio 2RE Taree
1991 Radio 2 Double O Wollongong
1991 Gavin on Channel 7’s Home and Away
1991 Skids ABC TV’s GP
1990 2SM Sydney Midnight till Dawn
1989 Australian Beach Sprint Champion

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