So I’m hosting this Comedy festival this weekend in Queensland. Its at a place called Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. This scares me for two reasons. One is I don’t usually do stand up comedy and the other is dolphins really freak me out. SERIOUSLY. They are just weird, smelly, slimy things that make funny noises. How could they build a resort around WILD ones?!? That squeaky, eek, eek they do and the fact that they breathe out of their heads. Think about it, this thing breathes out of its freakin head. Which makes me wonder. If Im feeding it a fish and i stick my fingers in its blow hole does it choke? Not that I would they freak me out. But it makes me wonder. I digress, this Friday and Saturday night. Get on a boat and go to Tangalooma for some laughs.

Tangalooma comedy

Tangalooma comedy

Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival

sanctuary festival
The Australian film festival circuit has a new kid on the block. Over 160 films from 10 different countries. Short films, features, drone, animation, documentary for three days with 6 massive events. Five time Logie winner Martin Sacks was there to collect best actor award and the Gold Pelican award for best film of the festival went to Chris Fitchet who wrote and directed “The Fear Of Darkness”.12240314_1638643286423415_884393584289595853_o

Luke Mayze and Luke Cosgrove

Tegan McLellan parting hard as usual.

Mack Lindon the writer director of “Rise” and Chris Fitchet the writer director of festival winner “The Fear of Darkness”.

Best Actor winner Martin Sacks from Rise.

Mack Lindon and Best Actor winner Martin Sacks from Rise.

Prizes from

Prizes from Tendence Australia. They’re back in 2016 as well.
Entries are now being taken for the 2016 festival with over $20,000 worth of prizes already locked in. Go to Film Freeway to enter.
Here are the list of winners and selections that were played at this years Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival.


The Fear of Darkness
Written and Directed by Chris Fitchett and Produced by Mark Overett

The Gold Pelican Awards for best….

Australian Short Film
Alex – Nick Allen Ducat

The Incredible adventures of Jo Jo (and his annoying little sister Avila)

The Answers – Daniel Lissing and Michael Goode

The Return of The Catalina by Daniel Bunker

Gluttony – Pi Yun An

Jordan from the Air – Kae Lani Kennedy

Luke Mayze (Doing Time trilogy)

Martin Sacks (Rise)

Danniela Marcovic (The Fear Of Darkness and Doing Time)

Chris Schuttermaier (Pipe Dream)

The Emotional Dimensions of the James River – United States – Michelle Marquez
Aestas Canada Guillaume Comtois
Entailment – Australia – Kate Walter Cam Smeal
Injury Time – Australia – Jack Sheridan Leigh Gawain Wellwood, Jack Sheridan Julie Byrne, Jennifer Jones Jack Sheridan
RISE – Australia – Mack Lindon Maya Weidner
Redemption – Australia – Tom Vogel
Lady Luck – United Kingdom – Fay Garrett Jo Lewis, Victoria Bavister, Krissi Mcilquham
Absolution- Australia – Dean Buter Dean Butler Hannah Moran
CODEY – Taiwan Po-Yi Chu Lai
Gluttony – Taiwan – Po-Yi Chu Ferris Lin Pi Yun An
Alex – Australia – Chris Kelly Nick Allen-Ducat
First Impression – Australia – Jay Riedl – Thomas Mentel, Thomas Mentel, Gaby Darbyshire –
Little Nippers Australia Travis Bain Travis Bain Travis Bain, Shawn Brack, Adrian Rayner Travis Bain
The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila) United States Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt
I Scream your Name Switzerland Oskar Rosetti Oskar Rosetti Adrien Lafranchi
The Grey League Canada Michael Bishop
Zenmuse X5 – Action Sports Shootout Canada Mike Bishop
Behind the Wall United States Bat-Sheva Guez
The Fear of Darkness Australia Chris Fitchett Mark Overett
Gen A Thailand Napat Tangsanga, Kornpop Polnikorn , Nattawut Pintieng, Yosita Limpapas, Sitthi Wattanayagorn, Sarobol Saengkham
Doing Time Australia Guy Edmonds, Luke Mayze
It’s A Treat Australia Luke Mayze
A Better Man Australia Luke Mayze
Jordan from the Air United States Scott Sporeleder,
Slice of Life Australia Americo Gaite

HOLLYWOOD PODCAST with comedy legend Rob Brown

So I’m over here in LA for the premiere of my new film Shooting Goldman and staying with a very funny buggar by the name of Rob Brown.
Of course I had to get his take on a few things happening in the USA like the presidential elections, Ashley Maddison and dodgy 80s TV hosts.
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Shooting Goldman AIF Hollywood Premiere


Shooting Goldman will have its Hollywood premiere on August 12 at the Raleigh theatre.
Australians In Film have given us the thumbs up and have secured rights to the USA premiere.
Some of Los Angeles biggest stars will be in attendance (from the movie Shooting Goldman) a very special appearance from one of the USA’s greatest reality TV hosts/actor (from the movie Shooting Goldman) and a radio megastar (mikes dad).
Ok, I’ll be there with some friends and my dear old dad Grant Goldman is coming too.
He plays a major part in the movie.
So check back here for the after party pics and reviews.
Any media enquiries contact
If you want to see the movie in all its glory click the link at the top of the page and download it for a limited time.

Shooting Goldman Premiere

Shooting Goldman opening to critical acclaim from fans at film festivals across the globe. After years of filming, editing, soundtrack and adr recordings the first sneak screening was held last week on the Gold Coast. Next week our film opens at New Yorks Audience Now film festival. Well done to everyone who worked on our movie. We are all really proud of what we achieved.
One of the best films I’ve seen in years. The main character really drew me in and made me feel like I was him. Ok, it was me.
goldmanPremiere 5goldmanPremiere 68 An amazing night at the Launch Of The Sanctuary Cove Film festival for the Sneak screening of Shooting Goldman. We had celebrities, champagne, food, popcorn and a Shooting Goldman shooting gallery where you could shoot me wherever you like. Well, a cardboard cutout of me anyway.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Hey if you didn’t like the movie what better way to let out your frustrations.

Shooting Goldman

SHOOTING GOLDMAN from MikeGoldman on Vimeo.

Its the movie we’ve been working on for the last few years. Its finally here! We have entered Shooting Goldman into film festivals around the globe and will be holding a sneak screening for friends and family this week.
Very exciting!
So whats it about?!?
Well we don’t want to give too much away but we can tell you its not what you think.
To the naked eye it looks like a documentary on Mike, I feel so silly writing my name in the third person, ok so it looks like a documentary about me but its not. You’ll get the drift about half way through I reckon. Unless your drunk from free drinks at a premiere when you’ll probably just get a massive shock at the end when theres blood everywhere. Oh no! Almost a spoiler alert there. Please go to the Shooting Goldman like page on facebook to keep updated on where the festival screenings are and when the world premiere is.
Thankyou so much to Chris Boyd, Damian Del Borello, Cam Knight, Cutting Edge, Glass Media, Hugh Haling, Teapot Films, Rod Morris at Interactive Originals and IO Films. So many more people to thank so we will save that for the premiere. Hopefully see you there. Shooting Goldman Poster
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.11.23 pm





STRATEGY DAVE grilled by last years winner.

David the latest evictee says exaxtly what he wanted to say on the show but couldnt, he gets a grilling from Tim Dormer because he didnt win and Dave gets his own back at Big Brother himself by calling him up on the show and telling him his car has been towed.
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TOM is outta here!

LATEST EVICTEE – Hilarious Bondi beach lad Tom the latest evictee from the Big Brother house talks about how the betting is going weeks out from the finale. He talks about his night on the Gold Coast with Lawson and Aisha where he was pretty much their camera man. Tom was only in the house for a couple of weeks but gives some great insights into the housemates. He tries to scam a free bar tab at the Bucket List in Bondi and tries to figure out who will win this years big brother. Looks like Tom cant stand Skye and is completely head over heels in Man Love for Ryan.


Big Brother Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis

Big Brother Executive Producer

He is Australias answer to Mark Burnett, he is Australian reality TV super producer Alex Mavroidakis and has produced shows like The Amazing Race, Im a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, Temptation Island, Celebrity Love Island, created WAC the world animal championships for Disney UK and most importantly the greatest show in the world Big Brother Australia.
Ok maybe Im giving him a massive rap because he is a good mate and a top bloke.
Here he talks about all things past present and future BB.
Alex also gives some insights into how he climbed the reality TV ladder, how the show is made, the people behind it and lets a few secrets out of the bag. If youre a big Brother fan you wont want to miss this especially if you are a behind big brother fan. We even mention you guys!

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