SCOUT – My superstar agent..

My Voice/Acting agent have knocked out the competition once again with an epic new website. If you’re looking for a Voiceover of any kind. An American accent, British even, maybe you need a documentary voiceover, something I love doing, check out Scout. Oh hey wanna see some of my documentaries? The Guns That Changed The Game on Apple TV, my Australia Documentary Arid Heart or The Great Divide. Oh no, I made this about me didn’t I? Ok, well theres other great talent there like Nathaniel Dean, Theresa Lim, Leon Murray and even Michael “Tell ’em they’re dreamin” Caton. Well done Kathryn, Ally and the team. Big year ahead!


Waking up with a pounding headache, memories from last night rushed back. An influencer with a whopping 2 million followers, one glass too many, and an evening drenched in youthful exuberance. Here’s looking at you, Pia and Kane. But let’s not play the blame game. In truth, it was all me, relishing the moments and living it up with some social media titans.

The honour was mine to be a part of the maiden SXSW Sydney. Hosting panels, orchestrating a grand soirée at The Alibi, recording voiceovers for the central stage, and introducing illustrious personalities like Charlie Brooker, the genius behind ‘Black Mirror’, and the iconic Nicole Kidman. Fun tidbit: I once shared the screen with Nicole in ‘BMX Bandits’, zooming around on my blue mongoose, donning a Davey Crockett raccoon skin hat – a gift from my father, straight from Disneyland.

Now, for those uninitiated, SXSW (South by Southwest) is a beacon of creativity and innovation originating from Austin, Texas. A tradition of many years, this festival has now set its sights on Sydney, Australia, for an upcoming decade-long extravaganza. Picture Expo 88, but amplified: more parties, head-banging rock n’ roll, futuristic robots, flying vehicles, AI-operated vending machines, bustling ad agencies, immersive social media pop-ups, and an unending supply of free beverages, food, and experiences. And oh, not to forget, the occasional morning-after headache.

A quick nostalgia trip: During Expo 88, as a 15-year-old rebel with jet-black hair, I operated the gold stamp machine in the United Nations pavilion. Quite the journey from there to here.

If you’re even remotely associated with the creative world, mark your calendars for next year’s SXSW Sydney. The connections I’ve made are invaluable. I’ve ventured into the realm of video game voicing, initiated discussions for a brand-new studio in Brisbane, potentially bagged a film role, and expanded my VoiceOver network.

A heartfelt shoutout to Joe Millward, Mel Poole, and Dan Macarthur for making this week nothing short of legendary. Check out their project called Metropius. SXSW Sydney? Highly recommend. Five stars.

Charlie Brooker the Black Mirror creator and Julia Zemiro.

Joe Millward, Mel Poole and a cross eyed hooligan.


A bushwacking good time!

Buckle up your boots and get ready for the wildest damn event the Outback has ever seen – the BIG RED BASH in Birdsville! What a crazy ride!! (Just a tiny 22 hours drive from Brisbane) Featuring massive international superstars, record breaking stunts and a fun family atmosphere over three spectacular days. This is Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets who was lead man for The Angels. They rocked it big time! Dave has a new album with the Jets coming out very soon. Cant wait to hear it!!

John Williamson performed here 10 years ago and sang Waltzing Matilda to launch the Festival after the welcome to country.

Aussie Pop Princess Kate Cebrano, Ross Wilson and Ava from The Chantoosies.

I was MC for this record breaking three-day party! ?? I interviewed all the Aussie mega stars of the show – and let me tell you, it was like herding kangaroos on steroids backstage! ???

10,000 screaming fans there for one hell of a week. We are doing it all again at Mundi Mundi in a few weeks out near Broken Hill. Same massive line up. See it all here

If you want to come next year get in early as it sells out in like 7 minutes.

Thank you to Greg and the Donovan family for having me as their MC. An honour and a privilege.

Thats Big red the biggest sand dune in the Simpson Desert. Hence the name, Big red Bash.

See you in Mundi Mundi 🙂

New Audio Book ‘The Affinity Principle”

?? Attention, ladies and gentlemen! ??

Hold on to your ears because I’ve got a big announcement! ?? I am proud to unveil my very first audiobook narration gig, and it’s a real game-changer, folks! ?? Get ready to have your mind blown by “The Affinity Principle” by none other than the genius himself, Grant Ian Gamble. And guess what? Yours truly is the voice behind this audio extravaganza! ???

Now, let me tell you a little something about “The Affinity Principle.” This book isn’t just any ol’ business read. Oh no, my friends. It presents a formula for success that’ll knock your socks off! Get this: mindful leadership + incredible team performance = awesome customer experience = ?? cha-ching, baby! It’s like a mathematical equation, but without the boring numbers and formulas. Mindful leadership is the secret sauce to achieving those fantastic financial results we all dream about!

So, here’s the deal, my fellow audiobook enthusiasts. Picture yourself sipping a margarita by the pool, soaking up the sun, and listening to my silky smooth voice narrating Gamble’s brilliant words of wisdom. ?? It’s like a vacation for your brain, people! No need to sit in a stuffy boardroom or pretend to pay attention during those never-ending meetings. With “The Affinity Principle” on Audible, you can learn how to be a badass leader while living your best life! Easy.

Being the voice of this audiobook has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One minute, I’m whispering profound insights into the mic like a zen master, and the next, I’m belting out Gamble’s nuggets of wisdom with the enthusiasm of a late-night infomercial host. Not that my late show was ever anything like that, well I hope not ? But hey, that’s the magic of audiobooks, right? It’s like theatre for your ears, and I’m here to entertain and enlighten you.

Head on over to Audible, the holy grail of audiobooks. With a few simple clicks, you’ll have my captivating voice serenading you with Gamble’s insights, all from the comfort of your favourite reading nook or cozy corner.

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and entertained by “The Affinity Principle.” It’s time to unleash your inner mindful leader and take the business world by storm!

Clickety-click right here [THE AFFINITY PRINCIPLE] and let’s make some audible magic happen, baby! ??? Get your ? ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, enlightenment, and a sprinkle of financial success. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Happy listening, my fellow adventurers, and may your leadership journey be as epic as this audiobook! ??? Below is Grant Ian Gamble and his adorable wife Jana who produced the audiobook.

See My Unfiltered Showreel Before My Stage Mom Shuts It Down!

Hey there, folks! I know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, another actor/TV presenter with a head the size of Jupiter, here to feed their insatiable ego.” But hold your horses before you hit that back button! I promise you, I’m not your run-of-the-mill Hollywood big shot… yet. What I lack in Oscar trophies, I more than make up for with something even better: the unwavering adoration of millions of fans. Okay, maybe it’s more like hundreds, but who’s counting? These die-hard supporters have been with me since the dawn of time, or at least since that pimple cream commercial I rocked in ’92. And now, with bated breath, I present to you my latest showreel – a wild ride showcasing my range, talent, and an undeniable craving for attention. Get ready to be dazzled, folks!

Twenty Twenty Three Tee Vee

TV promo demos for 2023

Coming in hot! How could you not be excited about this years up coming 2023 NRL season? Heres a sneak preview promo from my little voiceover booth. There may be some Bachelor and the hot new series fire country on Paramount and Ten Play.

2023 Voice Demos – Get ’em while they’re hot!

Step right up, folks, and behold the magnificent symphony of chaos! I present to you my glorious collection of noise-infused wonders. Brace yourselves for a wild ride through the realms of voiceover TV promos, station imaging, commercials, narration, audio books, and everything in between. It’s a whirlwind of audio delight that’ll tickle your eardrums like never before!

But hold on, there’s more! Want to experience the magic firsthand? Well, you’re in luck! Contact my incredible agent, Kathryn, today, and she’ll make all your auditory dreams come true. Don’t want to go through the middleman? No problemo! Shoot me a direct email, and let’s get this show on the road, pronto!

Remember, folks, this offer won’t last forever. So, buckle up, tune in, and let the cacophony of my vocal prowess wash over you. It’s time to make some noise and unleash the auditory extravaganza of a lifetime!

Scout Management

1300 66 95 85

Smell what The Rock is cookin’ or is it the Outback Steakhouse?

It’s been a big week as the voice for the new Outback Steakhouse USA campaign with a Tik Tok video thrown in for good measure. Plus a role as an American lawyer on the new series of Young Rock 2 on NBC that comes out next week. Check it out on Binge and Foxtel in Australia, NBC in the USA, Hulu in the UK and many other countries. Except Russia, booo Russia. Free Ukraine! ??

Whats with the hair? Channeling Anchorman in Young Rock 2.

It was an amazing set to work on at Village Roadshow studios on the Gold Coast where they also just announced that the new Godzilla will be filmed. Anna Tuiva who plays The Rocks grandma and I are in a scene together where we get into a bit of drama that as you will see shows her to be as wild and crazy as her grandson.

You’re going to have to watch to find out what I do to her, or should I say what she does to me. #humiliating ? It’s my biggest acting role with an American accent to date. The hair is a bit goofy. Any idea who I play? All will be revealed. Thanks to the team @scouttalent for getting me in there. Now go watch @nbcyoungrock on NBC, Fox, Peacock, Binge and Foxtel. #youngrock#therock


Heading Outback to order (not catch) some Kookaburra Wings ?@mikegoldman

? original sound – Outback Steakhouse
Over 700 restaurants in the USA and counting. Outback Steakhouse is a massive force not just in America, but around the globe.

YOUNG ROCK with Ana Tuisila

Young Rock 2 Now Streaming