My GAWD!!! The people who comment on my blog at the Courier are so hardcore.

Some of the stuff theyre writing are so mean. Go and have a look! (just go to the BLOG section)
Eight years and going strong Big Brother fired up a new show called Big Mouth last night. Pretty damn cool, I must say well well done to all involved.

Im off to my future father in laws birthday tonight, well done for making it this far Steve and than ks for letting me marry your daughter!

Hey Ive got to say Im really pissed off that Big Brother didnt get the Logie again this year. BUMMER.

Thats all, I shouldnt really winge about it anymore.

The logies was fun, I met Peter Hellier, hes cool, Roves script writers were a funny bunch and Daryl Summers was a freakin legend. Loved talking to him about TV and stuff.

4 thoughts on “Big MOUTH

  1. Very dissappointed about this years house, had such high expectations for the house yet have just been let down by arrogant guys! AGAIN!
    It’s a shame cause I auditioned for big brother but probably didn’t get thru cause my video didn’t say everything that I am in the video.

    Big big big big big big shame, at the risk of sounding arrogant I feel I’m a decent guy who has something valid to say AS WELL as being in a minority.
    Dang NABBIT!

  2. Hey Mike

    Sorry to see that Big Brother didn’t get a Logie…I know it’s hard not to, but don’t be too disappointed! You’ve got the best prize of all – you’re getting married to a beautiful girl and there’s not better prize than being with the love of your life!!!

    Take Care


  3. mikey u dont need a logie ur name is a logie winning one!! and BB doesnt need a logie were too good for that!! we your fans and BB fans everywhere love the show anyways we dont need a gold logie to prove it!!!

    BB and Mikey G are GOLD MAN!!

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