New Home VO Studio

I spend a heck of a lot of time in a small room talking to myself. No wonder think I’m a little bit nuts. Step into my world, where I spend endless hours in a cozy little room, engaging in a delightful one-sided conversation with… myself. It’s no wonder people think I might be a tad nuts! But hey, there’s method to the madness. I’ve crafted a brand-new voiceover booth that acts as a portal to connect with some of the finest audio producers on the planet. Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the incredible talents of industry maestros like Ross Batten from Rossco Audio, Mike Lange from Cutting Edge Post, and Bill Dowling from Sound Kitchen.But wait, there’s more! My vocal prowess isn’t limited to just one domain. Whether you’re seeking a captivating voiceover for a PowerPoint presentation, an enchanting touch to make your TikTok go viral, a compelling commercial, a gripping documentary, a soothing meditation to lull you to sleep, or any other vocal masterpiece you can imagine, I’ve got you covered. Think of me as your sonic Swiss Army knife, ready to tackle any audio endeavour that comes my way. Now, hold on a second. I need to dial back the enthusiasm just a smidge. Let’s maintain a professional air, shall we? Rest assured, my new and fully-equipped voiceover studio is now open for bookings. So, why wait? Click that enticing button below to secure your session and let’s bring your audio dreams to life!Book your session now and let’s embark on an unforgettable vocal adventure together. Your audio masterpiece awaits! Want something to make your Tik Tok go viral, a commercial, documentary, on hold message, a meditation to help you sleep or whatever you need my mouth is ready. No wait, that sounds like I’m going to eat something.

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