Hello fine friends of onthemike.com.

During Big Brother I will be a Big Blogger for News Ltd ,(the Courier Mail). So pop by and see what Im ranting about there!!

Of course I will post other wack stuff here like, what I think of party boy Todd Mckenny, how much my head weighs and weather or not I miss hosting the UP LATE show.

Todays my forst day back into the daily grind of Big Bro. Its meantal this year. At first I thought,”what a strange bunch of coconuts”, but as I watch them over the last few hours I really am starting to love them.

Its going to be an awesome series.

Friday Night Live with be freakin massive!!

This Friday night is “out of this world night”, were house mates will have to hang onto a spaceship for dear live, dress as aliens and fight to win a very cool prize.

Also see the premiere of “Miami Bryce”. Listen to his new jingle.
miami bryce