Soccer or Football?

I’ve finally realised what I cant stand about soccer, other than the fact Australia got ripped off at the world cup, I cant stand goalies. If they could get rid of the damn goalies then there would be so many more goals and it would be so much more fun to watch. Just when your team is on a roll, youre sure theyre going to score theres a bloke at the end who’s allowed to cheat and use his hands. On another note, my euro trash soccer fanatical mates can’t stand it when they hear anyone call their game “soccer”, “its football” they bark at you. Well excuse me you winging Pom or you arrogant German friend, I was brought up playing rugby bloody league and rugby freakin union, mens games we here call football. Games where men are real hard hitting tackling men and not poncey Georgio Armarni underpant and perfume modelling girlie men. Soccer will never be as big in Australia because its for wusses. The only reason why we are interested in it once every four years is because the rest of the world is. I also cant stand the little whining pussies who are pleading for a penalty roll around on the ground screaming when their ankle is looked at the wrong way by a member of the opposing team. Just like Italy did against us in the last SOCCER World Cup. Im sure if Australia beat Ghana tonight I will love Soccer-ball (thats my compromise soccer name) again and I will probably take all of this back. Go the Soccer-roos. Or should I say the Football-roos.