Mel Greig on The Mike

Single again after a very public break-up with her husband, radio and TV star Mel Greig is no stranger to controversy. Years after the royal family prank that went horribly wrong Mel is getting her life back on track. A radio show, dating column and a sexual land speed record that I really need to see to believe. Look oout! Mel Greig is back on the prowl and by the sounds of things shes a man eater. Hehe. I know you’re reading this Mel. She probably just screamed,”WHAT!” Ok you’re not that bad.



The 2017 City to Surf with its 80,000 runners will be bolting from the city of Sydney to Bondi beach in August. Long way to run for a beer I know, but what the heck, it’s for charity.
Sign up and sponsor me here…

If you’re a fundraising superstar who can pledge to raise $1,000, you can join our gold runners.

In addition to helping to raise funds and awareness for the children and families who attend The Shepherd Centre, you’ll receive the following benefits:

• Free entry
• Start ahead of the pack in the exclusive Gold Charity start group and you’ll start the race just behind the professional runners
• A Shepherd Centre running singlet and wristband
• Invitation to come and take a tour of one of our centres
• Personalised running bib and a Superstar finisher’s medal

In addition to the above, upon completion of the race you will also receive a very special piece of artwork from a child attending The Shepherd Centre to say thank you for your hard work and support.

Click the link below to become a Shepherd Centre Superstar or to find out more please contact our Events and Community Fundraising Coordinator Hannah via email or phone: 02 9370 4441
























Episode 30 – John Laws

John Laws, Australias undisputed King of Talkback Radio. With over 60 years of commercial broadcasting, he has interviewed everyone from rock stars to royalty. The man behind the golden microphone is on the mic talking about his recent dramas and a few old ones. A top bloke and an institution on Australian radio John is releasing a new book called, John Laws…Well You Wanted To Know.  I do a few random flick through questions and chat about his stellar career. Please dont forget to subscribe on itunes podcasts on the front page of On The Mike. Thanks for listening and come see me at the Sydney Comedy Club on Saturday may 20 at 9pm. 🙂



The “Hoges” mini series  on Channel 7 starring Josh Lawson as Hoges was a blast and I can tell you first hand that Josh absolutely nails it. I was lucky enough to get a small role on the series as an American TV reporter interviewing Paul and his wife Delvine Delaney who in real life actually introduced my parents!! Is that weird or what??! I also did a couple of news style anchorman reports that tie together the story in this series where I had to grow this big cheesey 80 mustache and wear Miami vice style pastels. There is so much to this iconic Australians rise to fame that I didn’t know until being a part of this incredible mini series produced by Freemantle media and directed by Kevin Carlin . Love Kevin! He’s awesome to work with!! I’m sure Australians and other people around the world who watch this series will love Australia’s favorite son even more after seeing this series. Incredibly proud to be a part of it!
What is even more cool is the fact that Hoges side kick on the Paul Hogan show, Delvine Delaney introduced my mum and dad in real life. Mum says it like this.

“So I was in the Miss Australian Beach Girl Competition in 1971 and Delvine Delaney was chaperone for the Queensland representative. Then this guy called Grant Goldman came to meet his friend Delvine Delaney at the Contactio Motel, which is no longer around when I was introduced. After winning the competition I went on my winning trip to Hawaii, then when I got back there was a disco in town where I was and Grant came up and introduced himself. We went on a date after that and made two lovely boys, Mike and Jay Goldman.”

Mum back then and now sailing around Australia with her salty sea dog,”Dallas Williams”.

The Pensioner Pirates.

Nice one mum! She now sails around Australia and writes a blog called “Pensioner Pirates”.

See the cast and crew here

Mike “Anchorman” Goldman and Josh “Hoges” Lawson.


Director Kevin Carlin



Linda Klowslowski played by Laura Gordon



Episode 29 – James Kerley

This week’s podcast is the very special James Kerley.

He has hosted some of the coolest shows in Australia, like Balls of Steel, Channel 7, Nickelodeon, Sarvo, Taken Out and The Grammys. He’s a great friend and we have always wanted to work together so we have to settle for a crappy podcast for the minute.

At the end of the podcast, I try out a new segment where we take a look at some great Aussie history. By the way, he didn’t host the Grammys, but I think he would have been awesome if he did.

Episode 28 – Darren Sanders

<br>He has his own Tonight show, Comedy Club, Podcast and apparently still has his real hair. Darren Sanders is an Australian comedy legend with some great stories and an incredible comedy career. Why wouldn’t we put him On The Mike? Please subscribe and give us a cheeky review and we will love you forever. Maybe even have your baby.

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Episode 27 – Richard Reid

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Richard Reid always gets the dirt, the gossip, The Hollywood trash, the reviews and interviews with the big stars. He is an Aussie TV Icon. We all love him and his awesome Hollywood reports, his appearances on shows like Celebrity Apprentice and Studio Ten.

In this interview, he talks about the best and worst interviews of his career, The Today Show, Celebrity Apprentice and many other highlights of his incredible career.

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Episode 26 – Party Parslow

He’s written for some of the biggest comedy stars around, on radio, TV and now his smash hit podcast called Party in China on iTunes. I’ve known and loved this guy for over 20 years. We worked together on radio, television and have some incriminating but very funny memories to share. Please don’t forget to subscribe and leave a tasty review for your chance to win some Goldman wine. We also have a Patreon page that you can find at we would probably wet our pants if you became one of our sponsors. Oh and thanks to our first sponsor Mikes Mum!! HAha, hes a mummys boy!! ENJOY THE SHOW!!

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