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Hello fine friends of onthemike.com.

During Big Brother I will be a Big Blogger for News Ltd ,(the Courier Mail). So pop by and see what Im ranting about there!!

Of course I will post other wack stuff here like, what I think of party boy Todd Mckenny, how much my head weighs and weather or not I miss hosting the UP LATE show.

Todays my forst day back into the daily grind of Big Bro. Its meantal this year. At first I thought,”what a strange bunch of coconuts”, but as I watch them over the last few hours I really am starting to love them.

Its going to be an awesome series.

Friday Night Live with be freakin massive!!

This Friday night is “out of this world night”, were house mates will have to hang onto a spaceship for dear live, dress as aliens and fight to win a very cool prize.

Also see the premiere of “Miami Bryce”. Listen to his new jingle.
miami bryce

Big Brother Launch

This is my eighth year of Big Brother and I couldn’t be more excited to be coming back to host Friday Night Live and watching the house mates compete against each other in our wacky games. Without doubt this will be the most diverse and different bunch of housemates we’ve ever seen, the most controversial hosts and the most incredible amount of twists and turns we’ve ever seen.

I absolutely see BB as one of the greatest shows in the world today that is still successful in over 30 countries. Where else can you see people on television, forgetting the cameras are on, pouring their hearts out about their life problems. They could vent or share about anything from parents breaking up or watching them falling in love.

I have seen so many moments on Big Brother that have brought tears to my eyes and even more that have made me laugh uncontrollably. I will be letting you know what I really think of the house mates right here every day and sharing the many funny, bizarre moments from behind the scenes on Friday Night Live and the other shows that I’m a part of. The dramas that happen to house mates when they leave the compound and the stories that unfold in the house. This weeks theme for Friday Night Live was supposed to be a secret but this photo taken in Ryan Fitzgerald’s dressing room kind of gives away the theme.
No its not “Muppets in Space”, or even “Kermit the Frog and Chewbaccas love child”. Its actually an “Out Of This World” theme.

The BB opening night show tonight at 7.30 on Ten is going to be an absolute cracker with the littlest, youngest, oldest and biggest breasted bunch of house mates ever with more twists and turns than any other year.
When you see where the housemates have to sleep together in the same bed you will piss yourself laughing. So far we’ve had a sneak preview and seen Saxxon, (not Gretskys ex toy boy) the Alien Conspiracy theorist from Adelaide, Dixie from Dubbo the Councilor and Terri the Sydney nanna who thinks all religion is evil and Pauline Hanson rocks.

Kyle and Jaci O are going great and have settled in quite nicely I think. They both have much bigger dressing rooms than me and I’m still stuck in a freakin broom closet which really sucks but I don’t spend much time in my dressing room anyway. Tomorrow Bree, Fitzy and I will be filming a new drama series for Friday Night Live called “The Bald and The Beautiful”. Its a bizarre new sitcom that we will play every week. Here is our first exclusive and dramatic look, what do you think, quite sexy aren’t we?

As the new BB jingle goes, “I DONT THINK SO”.

You bet it’s going to be one hell of a ride this year, who’s coming with me?
Get online and chat with me here every Thursday afternoon.

Heres the ones we know about, meet the rest tonight from 7pm on Ten.

32-year-old spunky firefighter, David who escaped a religous cult to be a part of the show. (well a few years later anyway)

Big Brother in Little China

Im back from China and the Olivia Newton John fund raiser.

Had a ball but got very sick with some freaky Chinese bird flu thing.

Actually most of the people on the tour got sick.

I reckon if you’re a betting man, which i’m not, you should bet on China to win the most medals at this years Olympics as Im pretty sure every athlete will get some freaky virus that most of us got when we were there.

Anyhoo, Big Brother starts this weekend and Its my eighth year, can you believe I kept a job for this long?

No more UP LATE, cause Channel Seven and Channel Nine stuffed the whole late night game show thing by doing it wrong.


They did it in a horrible money grabbing way and my show was fun and entertaining while giving away money.

Hence there are no more people willing to call up for the quizzes and games. Thanks Nine and Seven.

The Up Late ratings were still massive, so thats not to blame for the show being taken off at all.

Thanks for the thousands of e mails and letters asking why UP LATE is not back but the good news is if youve got HD there should be a live streaming element on TEN HD TV, Three Mobile and the big brother website. bigbrother.com.au

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Yes while in China I’m blogging my journey for the Courier Mail. Call me a sellout or whatever you will but the truth is their advertising budget will surely get a lot more hits than my little site and its all about the hits baby, and you know I love big hits!You can view it here!! And sponsor me here!!

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