Im back from China and the Olivia Newton John fund raiser.

Had a ball but got very sick with some freaky Chinese bird flu thing.

Actually most of the people on the tour got sick.

I reckon if you’re a betting man, which i’m not, you should bet on China to win the most medals at this years Olympics as Im pretty sure every athlete will get some freaky virus that most of us got when we were there.

Anyhoo, Big Brother starts this weekend and Its my eighth year, can you believe I kept a job for this long?

No more UP LATE, cause Channel Seven and Channel Nine stuffed the whole late night game show thing by doing it wrong.


They did it in a horrible money grabbing way and my show was fun and entertaining while giving away money.

Hence there are no more people willing to call up for the quizzes and games. Thanks Nine and Seven.

The Up Late ratings were still massive, so thats not to blame for the show being taken off at all.

Thanks for the thousands of e mails and letters asking why UP LATE is not back but the good news is if youve got HD there should be a live streaming element on TEN HD TV, Three Mobile and the big brother website. bigbrother.com.au