Stinky Feral Day Out

You’ve all been there, you’ve all seen it.

Big Day Out. The biggest festival of smelly, tattooed, dread locked drugged off their nut ferals in Australia.

I love it for the music, but seriously its the worst crowd of people ever.

The sound this year was nothing on previous years, Bjork was like cirq de soiel without the acrobats, the line up to get a drink

was two hours long and the dunnies were the usual pathetic wait. I mean really, how much money do they have to make until

theyre happy? The people who run BDO are money hungry pigs in my eyes.

Did like the electro man display. Thats was amazing.

Also saw a great Aussie band called KRILL. They were kick ass indie pop at its best.

The lead singer is a hot babe who really knows how rock out!

Operator Please were refreshing and so too was Josh Pyke.

Wouldnt bother with the other el cheapo American crap bands on offer like Anti Flag and Midnight Juggernaughts.

Regurgitator put on a good show but lacked the usual flair. I thought the boys really weren’t pushing themselves. They could

do a lot better. I always thought of them as a band that had a could try harder and achieve more if they applied themselves.

Hey thats weird, I feel like a school teacher doing a report card.

Hey maybe Im just a disgruntled musician.



Went to the premiere of Cloverfield last night and was surprised from the second the movie started. I thought it could have been some mistake, cinema malfunction or a dumb joke. By the end of the movie I wasn’t sure If I liked it or was just impressed by the brilliant originality of this film. I really cant say too much about this movie without giving away its punch.

So Its disaster movie shot on handycam with awesome special effects and some really scary scenes. Definitely worth a look.

After the movie I went for dinner at the Lychee Lounge West End for a few Lychee martinis. Tasty!

Local bar UBER was overpacked. Great bar with cool music but its really stupid that you cant have a beer on their balcony.

!!We’re Engaged!!

Yes Its true!!!!!!!!I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend Tanya.

As of this moment it is a national day of mourning for single men and women everywhere.

Condolences to you all. For immediate counseling, lifelines number is :

13 11 14

They are trained to offer emotional support in times of crisis or when callers may be feeling down.

But seriously, It was one of the most nerve racking, and by far the best thing I’ve ever done.We made the announcement at Tanyas birthday party on Saturday night in front of friends and family.We’re both so happy!Its something I wanted to do for the last few months but kept putting the proposal off because everyone thought we were going to do it.I never thought I would do it until I met Tanya, she really means the world to me and is everything I could ever wish for in a partner.We’re loving sharing our friends, family, laughs, experiences and lives together, but the underwear sharing has to stop.Its just weird. Lace really isn’t my thing, it gives me a rash.

So there you go, Mikey G’s gettin’ hitched! Why wouldn’t I? Check out how hot she is!!

Mikey G in da USA

So finally I get a holiday!!!!

Headed to NY, Park City Utah and downtown Las Vegas.

Heres some party pic’s…..

Club called Celio in New York. The whole room is one big speaker pumping fat beats to your brain.

HALO HALO HALO….Wax Museum in Vegas….

Outside the Bellagio in vegas…

Catchin up with Jenna Jamison… the wax museum.

Park City UTAH Skiing.

YoUrE FIrED!! Thanks Mr TRUMP!

I kind of got wrapped up in the BLUE MAN SHOW in VEgas.