Went to the premiere of Cloverfield last night and was surprised from the second the movie started. I thought it could have been some mistake, cinema malfunction or a dumb joke. By the end of the movie I wasn’t sure If I liked it or was just impressed by the brilliant originality of this film. I really cant say too much about this movie without giving away its punch.

So Its disaster movie shot on handycam with awesome special effects and some really scary scenes. Definitely worth a look.

After the movie I went for dinner at the Lychee Lounge West End for a few Lychee martinis. Tasty!

Local bar UBER was overpacked. Great bar with cool music but its really stupid that you cant have a beer on their balcony.

3 thoughts on “CLOVERFIELD

  1. “I thought it could have been some mistake, cinema malfunction or a dumb joke”
    They did that to me at the start of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.. They all of a sudden started playing a scene with Gene Wilder in it.. I was lost. It wasn’t until I rented the movie that I noticed the cinema screwed up.

    Hhahaa! Brisbane nightlife sucks now 😛 Come to Young it’s a hole, and noone gives a shit if you jump off the roof…Except for the cops and the idiots that jump off it when they realise what they did. 5 pubs surely is good enough. 6 if you include the club which is all suave and .. “normal”.

    Have a good weekend Mikey Geeeeeeeeeeee-man.

  2. heyy mikee
    how r uu
    im a huge fan of u on bigbrother
    ur the funniest on uplate and eveythingg
    r u going to be on the new bigrbother
    i was wondering do u know if aleishia nad billy r still an item and suzannah and thomas??
    well hope to hear form u soon take care xoxo

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