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Yes thats me behind the guy in the middles armpit. Ever since my starring role in BMX bandits with Nicole Kidman at age 10 I dreamed of making my own film and now that dream is a reality. Other than the fact I was really an armpit EXTRA in BMX bandits, to me I was the star. Why, I hear you bunny hop? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because in my little 8 year old head, burning along Freshwater beach on my blue Mongoose 360 BMX, I had an awesome secret weapon in the shape of my racoon skin hat fresh from Frontier land in Disneyland. It made me feel like the star and stand out from the gaggle of BMX grommets chucking flower bombs everywhere. Yes, I stood out because I broke the law and didnt wear a stack hat. I risked my life for fame and to me It really didn’t matter. I just wanted to do awesome shit in a movie and for my mates to think it was freakin cool.Script meeting
So this movie Im making now is something different to the usual thing you may see at Event cinemas on a saturday night with your willy poking up through the popcorn box to scare your friends. Our movie is a documentary/mockumentary that sends you into outer space, reels you back in and then drops you back off a cliff. A movie that will draw you in and confuse you as to what is real and what is not. We have some amazing people working with us and it wil be a real challenge for me not just as an actor but in so many other ways. Off camera I have to help write the script, get sponsors, locations, produce and get funding. On camera I have to get naked, lose weight, shave my head, shoot people (yes with a gun), fly to LA, shoot there (not people), cut my penis off and become paranoid and delusional. Ok, maybe Im not cutting my willy off. Some ex girlfriends out there may like to but. Everything else is all systems a go from Prescott Goldman Films new office on Mill Hill rd Bondi Junction.

Behind the scenes on a sports commercial

"beach babes scene 22"

I’m really proud of what we have written, produced and shot so far. The crew are really excited at the films prospects, its so exciting. Allow me to introduce you to the cast. Yasmin Kassim is my super hot leading lady who eventually gets tied up and shot. WHOOPS!! Should have said spoiler alert! Cameron Knight is my agent in the film, a great actor and super stand up comedienne. We have already shot scenes with Matt Sorum from Guns and Roses and Jessica Sutter from the Pussy Cat Dolls at the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney that I hosted too. We’ve shot with bikini babes on the beach in Queensland as a part of a behind the scenes shoot for a TV commercial and we have done a naked voiceover scene at Cutting Edge Post in Brisbane. That wasn’t supposed to be like that but the air conditioning was busted and we just ran with it. >AWKWARD< In a couple of weeks we have scenes to shoot in LA and the big scene on a farm in the Hunter Valley. Today I meet with our psychiatrist working on the film so I can method act my way into becoming a paranoid delusional schizophrenic.Exciting times. For more info on the film or to get involved e mail me direct