Well today I’m in Sydney with Bree and Fitzy shooting episodes of our new show Download.Got some really great guests coming on the show and some of the funniest clips you’ve ever seen.  Can’t wait to get it on the telle. Should be in your lounge room real soon. The Big Brother wrap party was one of the Biggest ever with a fireworks display, fancy dress and a fantastic rendition of Friday night games where one contestant fell in the Gold Coast canal. Well actually thats not entirely true. I pretended to play Friday Night Games after a few champagnes and fell in the water while crash tackling an inflatable penguin.  Tim Brunero, who I thought was my friend, wrote about it on his blog www.timbrunero.com  and my mother read it. Apparently I’m grounded if I ever go back home. Can’t wait till you do something silly when you’re drunk so I can write about it, ya bastard.  All good Timmy, good to see you’re doing so well. Weirdest thing happened to me today. I was in a taxi on the way to the airport and an entire wheel came off the trailer in front of me. There were sparks everywhere and it almost caused an accident, very strange indeed.Went to Golden Century tonight for dinner in Sydney and Im starting to think that their standards have dropped. I got warm spring rolls, no fortune cookies and the Peking Duck tasted like Dettol.Sorry about all the random stuff but I just felt like a big fat blog off. I think now that the Courier Mail Blog has finished I need somewhere to have a “Brain Dump”. Sorry you have to read it.What do you think of my super hot fiancés’ new modeling pic? How amazing is she?  I’m the luckiest man alive. Love you baby!   BTW, If you want to hire her shes with DALLYS.  tan  Smokin Hot! Tanya Arlidge 

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