Blackberry Bold

Yes It is the I Phone killer and the Mike brain cell killer. The launch last night in Sydney was massive, with dancing girls, acrobats, golf buggies and wack, yes I said wack, cocktails. Then it was the red wine, then a few Beck’s and Heineken. They gave everyone a Blackberry for going. How cool is that. Took my dad to the party but he wussed out early cause he had to work at 5am. Ended up at the piano bar under the Coke sign in kings cross with some biker dude from Adelaide and an italian jewelry designer in sydney showing his new collection. Today my head hurts so bad its like I can hear my hair growing and its making a sound like an elephant being humped by a hippo.Tonight Im going to the Brisbane International Film Festival. If you live in Queensland you might have seen me on their TV ad promoting it. Should be a great way to get back on the horse and eat the hair of the snoop dog. Just think I’ll stick to the one drink this time.Alright now this is just getting weird.  Stay focused people.  MikeyG  

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  1. hey mr G hows the head, i absolutely love ur blogs their wicked as!! so how long til download starts or any plans to revive meerkat mannor or joker poker?? tv has gone shit since BB left!!!

  2. The film festival is rad! I haven’t seen you on any adds.. Hmm. Maybe I just don’t watch enough tv. =P

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