Pamela Anderson

I finally get to meet the girl that I first went to bed with. Sure it was a magazine and sure I cut my nose on her staple but it still means a hell of a lot to me okay!You wouldn’t believe the hype that has been whirled up by the Bay watch babe going on my show, its almost overwhelming!  She will be right next to me on Friday Night Live and Im going to do a couple of things that may get me into the poo poo with my bosses. Im sure shes into doing fun stuff so Im going to get my mate Matt Hollywood to saw her in half or levitate her or something. How cool will that be! 

4 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson

  1. Yeah, wow. She is pretty good looking hey?
    I ALWAYS read this but nobody ever comments… so… here. A comment. Lol.

    Matt holywood was AWESOME! I have him added on myspace.

    I’m going to FNL this friday. I’m so excited! We have silver seats. Pretty cool.
    Kinda bummed there will be no more BigBro… oh well nothing I can do, right?

    Anyways. I shall leave your blog.

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