All together now, “sailing, we are sailing, over water….. far away….. I am trying….. forever dying to be near you…. who can say”, I think thats how it goes. Aw beautiful, Rod Stewart I believe.
Just got back from my first ever real solo (with Tanya)sailing mission. We set off for Tangalooma on Saturday and came home Sunday. Weather was dodgy getting there and back but we managed to survive. Moored at the Tangalooma wrecks where we snorkeled, swam and paddled our dingy ashore to try the steakhouse. Food there was great! We had the barra and 400k rump. Saw the Dolphin show too! We’re very sunburnt. There were some crazy chicks on a blow up tyre tube being flung round in the nude near the boat wrecks. Very dangerous! Weather was okay, I think I will do it again for sure. Need a faster boat but as it takes four hours to get there on my slow ass sail boat.

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