Idol Finale

Went to our first Idol finale on Monday and had an absolute ball.
What a night! I got goosebumps when Lionel Richie hit the stage, Natalie Gauchi singing was incredible and seeing the Divynals back in action was fantastic. Cant say much for the technical side of the show, but these things happen, I know what thats like (BBro finale07!!) Natalie really deserved to win in my opinion, she wanted it more and was really passionate about her songwriting. After speaking to Mark Holden at the wrap party It was obvious that was why he hammered Matt Corby and made him cry. Poor sensitive pretty boy Matt is too young and alternative for the Idol comp. He was only there because of little girls voting for him and a neat trick where he can hold a note for a really long time. Natalie is a far better talent.

The after party at the opera house had crap alcohol, a shit DJ and too many people. Luckily on the way out I ran into my mate and Idol floor manager Michael Venables and Idol Exec Producer Greg Baness who let us into the staff only wrap party where Andrew G was DJ. My girl and I danced our arses off and played a special game of So you think you can dance/so you think you can kick me in the nuts. This is where I danced really silly overdone interpritave dance moves and she had to try to kick me in the nuts. It was quite funny to watch….Well….if you were drunk.

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  1. Nice one Goldman. Your on fire! I thought i saw you at the footy the other day at Brooky oval but when the bloke got out of the Sea Eagle suit it wasn’t you at all. Gazza brazna (alias) here was bored and thought I’d google some old school mates and no surprises look at you. I’m married to a Scot and living in Edinburgh with one bairn (Sophie), Congrats on the engagement and all the best.
    Your pal Nigel

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