They frustrate me, normally I’m a real controller thrower when it comes to video games, but the new PS3 game, “The Brain Of OZ”, its love at first Buzz. I have been a fan of the game since I first played the music version at EA games Westfield Parramatta one day after ditching my over shopportunistic girlfriend who was annoying the crap out of me. I so rate the little free video game oasis that pops up at your local shopping centre just when you need an escape. Hideout for hours at a time ignoring the whining phone in your pocket crying out for money to buy dodgy shoes or to be summoned into a change room for a “does my bum look big in this”, check. Usually I go for the third person shoot em ups, like Medal of Honour, Quake, Halo or Fallout. But when you’ve got a bunch of non video game lovers over for chow, nothing beats the BUZZ. The quiz game is hosted by BUZZ who jumps around with these amazing energy legs dogging you out if you lose. Buzz is voiced by the legendary Jason Donovan. The controllers are wireless, unlike the old tangley versions and it now comes in the all new all Aussie rendition. Yesterday I hosted the launch of “Buzz The Brain Of Oz”, among gameshow legends Greg Evens from Perfect Match, who is now a wedding celebrant, Wheel Of Fortunes Baby John Burgess who works on AM music radio in Melbourne and New Price Is Right man, Ian Turpie who is an actor on the coolest TV show right now, SBS’s Swift and Shift written by televisionary Pauly Fenech. Go Turps! Love the funeral ads. I dont know who does his make up in those ad’s an embalmer maybe? He looks much better in real life. Anyway people, ditch your shopping sherpa and go and buy BUZZ The Brain Of OZ, it’s awesome in a can.
Oh and Come to my UNDERBELLY party this Saturday night at the Melbourne hotel in Brisbane.
Mikey 😉

Greg Evans, Ian Turpie, Mike Goldman and Baby John Burgess

Greg Evans, Ian Turpie, Mike Goldman and Baby John Burgess

5 thoughts on “Buzzalicious

  1. Google want to pay 250million U.S for it so it will be a while.

    Google will release a Twitter search in the next couple week. MY PREDICTION.

  2. Hope you are well Mikey! Oooh I absolutely love this game…. great when friends are over with a few drinks.. however, I suck at this game when drunk.. the brain cells are diminished! lol Love the blog.. Take Care.. Son x

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