Tomorrow night the year is over and thank f*%k. This has been the most shit year ever and I think its about time I just came out and said it.

As I get up on stage at Odyssey on the Gold Coast to MC the New Years Eve party with Jet, Grinspoon and Adrian Greiner from Entourage I will be leaving the pain of a crap year behind me and moving on with a big Freakin party.

(By the way tickets still available)

The only good thing this year was getting engaged to the girl of my dreams but everything else was crap. Family and friends getting divorced, The economy shitting itself, house prices taking a dive, friends kicking the bucket oh and how could i forget the greatest shows in the world Big Brother and Download getting canned by Channel Ten. I am packaging up this year in a box and setting fire to it, then putting its ashes in a bottle and burying it in the back yard  where my dog religiously takes a crap.  Thanks for letting me release.

Oh and hey, take a look at this house in the shape of a toilet. How funny is that.


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