LAst NighTS LaunCH

Well last night was big! Got to network ten and realised my pants were split in the crouch area.


Not good. Luckily they have full time wardrobe people there who fixed them for me. So I’m standing in channel Ten wardrobe with no pants on and in walks Ready Steady Cook host Peter Everett also with no pants on. Was quite weird. People must be walking around that place with no pants on all the time.
Got to the Launch and was lead to my own little stage with a stinky old Big Brother chair on it for me to sit on and get photos with people. Fun! They had some chick with a mirror ball suit on that fired lazers into the audience to give a razzle dazzle vibe. I felt like I was at a big gay dance party. The TEN 2008 promo reel played and I was on it a fair bit. Found out Friday Night Download is coming back, heaps of cool US shows and the usual Idol, dance and loser shows. Hung out with AJ from Loser and Bree at the Fox and lion after. Think I had one too many cause after that it was a messy pub crawl with an old buddy called Condor. Okay no more posting till monday!

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