MIkEs Big FaT StinKy BloG…

Okay so today Im up at 5.30 to do interviews for our little show, Friday Night Download. Nova Brisbane, B105, 2Day FM Sydney with Kyle and Jaqui O among others. All went swimmingly as usual until I used my mates phone to talk to 2Day. My signal was crap so I used his. Little did I know that the slightest touch would hang up his stupid phone! Bugger! That was live on air and they were the highest rating and probably the most important interview of the day!!!!! Talked to them for ten minutes on big brother and didn’t even get to mention FND which totally sucked. Anyhoo, on my way to River 949 in brisbane to host the show with my Bro Jay, who’s name is Goldie on air.

Tune in if you can!

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