Box Cycling

Combo sports : Combining old sports losing their lustre to make a new sport.
Box Cycling (BC) is a full-contact combat cycling sport that allows both striking and grappling while cycling along a 5 Kilometre track. The first documented use of the term Box Cycling was during a cycle road rage incident in Newtown, Sydney Australia 1994. The question of who actually created Box Cycling is subject to debate.

The latest exciting Combo Sport to be created is Box Cycling. Two sports that were hard to get a crowd at during the last Olympics are made relevant again in this exciting bout between Australia and England. Combo sport athletes Mike Goldman and Matt Hollywood go toe to toe and pedal to pedal in this championship bout.

Matt Hollywood

One of my best mates in the whole world, international magician society magician of the year Matt Hollywood is my very special guest this week On The Mike. No we aren’t just talking magic, he’s performing it, and blows my mind by making a small puppy appear out of nowhere. It’s by far one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen in my life. Enjoy this episode with my awesome friend, Magician Matt Hollywood.



I really don’t want to be the guy thats says, please watch my show its awesome. Mabye im bias, but its a whole lotta different with a truckload of prizes to win.

MATT HOLLYWOOD and myself in the new show, super creatively named Matt and Mike live. Hey it is what it says and most TV shows don’t have the balls to go live anymore and thanks to our good friends at FACEBOOK LIVE we can blast the 1.6 billion daily users with our own version of Magic, Celebrities and Mayhem.

That and its been a while since the TV networks gave me another run so I had to do something!!

This Monday the 22nd of August is Celebrity Apprentice and Big Brother star Layla Subritsky and Richard Wilkins “good friend” Suzie Taylor from The Block on Channel 9.

You can also see our other episodes here…MATT AND MIKE LIVE
Wonder if this photo was part of The Block filming?

Shooting Goldman Premiere

Shooting Goldman opening to critical acclaim from fans at film festivals across the globe. After years of filming, editing, soundtrack and adr recordings the first sneak screening was held last week on the Gold Coast. Next week our film opens at New Yorks Audience Now film festival. Well done to everyone who worked on our movie. We are all really proud of what we achieved.
One of the best films I’ve seen in years. The main character really drew me in and made me feel like I was him. Ok, it was me.
goldmanPremiere 5goldmanPremiere 68 An amazing night at the Launch Of The Sanctuary Cove Film festival for the Sneak screening of Shooting Goldman. We had celebrities, champagne, food, popcorn and a Shooting Goldman shooting gallery where you could shoot me wherever you like. Well, a cardboard cutout of me anyway.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Hey if you didn’t like the movie what better way to let out your frustrations.