Zane Lamprey

Todays show from Studio City Los Angeles with star of TV shows like Three Sheets, Four Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, DrinkTV.com and Chugg. Zane Lamprey grew up in Syracuse and attended SUNY Cortland in Cortland, New York where he...

Quak and Kale

Killer Squirrels, FAT Hypnosis and crazy priests. Just another episode of Kwak and Kale in the Brisbane City Podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LRBC20mv2U

Heros Of The Gold Coast

A 17 year old pregnant girl sleeps on the floor of a Gold Coast public toilet, a 65 year old man with nowhere to go dripping wet from rain with not enought to keep warm, a child and his mother escaping domestic violence too scared to go to police for fear of losing...


Happy Australia Weekend

Let me sum it up because people are crapping on way too much about this to the point where it’s almost making me feel guilty celebrating what it means to be Australian. I freakin LOVE Australian Aborigines and everything about their incredible culture, the music, the...

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Professor Charlie Teo

Nude fundraisers, playing the bagpipes and toilet meditations are not what you would expect from one of the worlds best neurosurgeons. Professor Charlie Teo is an inspirational neurosurgeon who constantly pushes boundaries to the point where the medical world gets...

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Kerryn Phelps

Congratulations Kerryn Phelps! She did the impossible! We need more people like her in parliament. It’s time for politics done differently and to get rid of the greedy politicians and their criminal parties. Can you believe there is no equivalent for ICAC at a federal...

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Scott Tweedie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9oHHGYu2oA&feature=youtu.be On The Mike Prankfest featuring Scott Tweedie. National TV host from shows like The Loop, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, WAC - The World Animal Championships and PRANK PATROL. We pranked the prankster...

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Bree Amer

https://www.facebook.com/mikegoldmanlive/videos/994612090741775 TV Host, Producer and Mum Bree Amer was regularly on the front cover of magazines and hosting the biggest TV shows in Australia until she decided to work behind the scenes climbing the producer ladder to...

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Shura Taft

WARNING: There may be some inappropriate man love in this episode. Shura Taft is Dad, a sports fanatic, wedding celebrant and host of television across all the major networks. Hosting everything from kids, music, sport and reality programs. He chats to Mike abut...

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The Dream Doctor

Joan Hanger is a dream doctor to the stars. She has just written a book about her friendship with Lady Diana and the dreams that she used to have. Theres a few freaky secrets in there too. Enjoy the latest episode of On The Mike. Transcript below.  ...

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