Illegal Down Under

https://youtu.be/5a5L0Jd7WxE (disclaimer) RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD AT THE GRAND OPENING of Lowell Farms, Californias first Cannabis Cafe. Mike and Courtney have been buddies for years so they agreed to catch up at the opening of the USA's first weed cafe Lowell Farms...

Storm Area 51, Lets See Them Aliens!

They Can’t Stop Us All! Alien-stock, Rachel Nevada. Millions of people all over the globe threatened to “Storm Area 51” on this weekend.

Storm Area 51

FULL EPISODE FRIDAY -Area 51, Nevada, United States of America-Let's See Them Aliens Part 1 - Full disclosure of episode this Friday. Alien expert Mike Waskosky from Full Disclosure International talks awareness after the US Navy have announced that "They're Real", we...


Mike Gunner – Married at First Sight

https://youtu.be/yP1mhbCmyPI Vegan and animal lover Mike Gunner, one of the more controversial characters on Married At First Sight exposes the behind the scenes experiences and dramas you didn't see on the show. The radio show run ins with people like Kyle and Jacqui...

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Celebrity Homeless Sleepout

Big Brother house is burnt down so our homeless sleep is now this Friday the 28th of June at Broadbeach public school. Click the link to get involved. This is NOT a public event. You must be registered and raising funds to do the sleep out.

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The Ginger Ninja Returns

https://www.facebook.com/mikegoldmanlive/videos/710851542664786/ The Ginger Ninja Returns in 2019 The Ginger Ninja has broken into the 2019 Big Brother house and taken on some death defying challenges while discovering who his real mother is.

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Big Brother House Trashed

https://youtu.be/7Xph6XXdyJg Big Brother is over so this is as close as I can get to narrating the show again. Thanks Mui Tube. You naughty boy. For interviews with Gretel Killeen, Sonia Kruger, Tim Dormer and Bree Amer from Big Brother check the out right here on my...

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Spider Man

https://www.facebook.com/mikegoldmanlive/videos/413175166189956?sfns=mo Did you know theres a spider that gives you an erection if your bitten? There is a spider that eats its brothers and sister and mates with its mother, a Bob Marley Spider and so many more bizzare...

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The Buttsmarn

Isaac Butterfield, AKA The Buttsmarn. The naughty stand up comedian, You Tuber, Newcastle boy who has had enough of political correctness and possibly Vegans, cyclists and feminists. He has a new special out now and it shows a deep caring side to this incredible...

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Comic Rob Brown

You wouldn’t think one of Australia’s funniest comedians had been shot at in war zones, worked in some of the toughest prisons and been in a Miller Beer commercial during the Superbowl. Until of course he told you all about it, like he does in this episode of On The Mike.

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Wild Marc The Travelling Bushman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRNmxDI3TtA Not since Steve Irwin has a an animal expert been as entertaining as this guy. Marc Jacewicz aka the Travelling Bushman is a wildlife warrior and conservationist who travels the globe sharing his incredible knowledge of the...

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Stephen Van Deventer

Stephen Van Deventer is the man behind a 450 million dollar cannabis facility in the works for Toowoomba, right next to the international airport. This will be the biggest of its kind in the world making millions, possibly billions for the Australian economy and more...

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Damien “Beat Down” Brown

Comedian Rob Brown and I chat to UFC MMA fighter and Australian Army Solider who fought in Afghanistan Damien Brown, a few days before his big fight against Koji Takeda in Japan. How he’s feeling, what his chances are, what was it like to fight in the UFC and news of...

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