Celebrity Homeless Sleepout

Big Brother house is burnt down so our homeless sleep is now this Friday the 28th of June at Broadbeach public school. Click the link to get involved. This is NOT a public event. You must be registered and raising funds to do the sleep out.

Kwak and Kale

https://youtu.be/iJ8TFZ1FCqY THE BCP Two intellectual giants solving the problems of the world from Brisbane, the culture capitol of Australia. This is our own pilot week show we are testing out here at On The Mike.

Mike Gunner – Married at First Sight

https://youtu.be/yP1mhbCmyPI Vegan and animal lover Mike Gunner, one of the more controversial characters on Married At First Sight exposes the behind the scenes experiences and dramas you didn't see on the show. The radio show run ins with people like Kyle and Jacqui...


Damien “Beat Down” Brown

Comedian Rob Brown and I chat to UFC MMA fighter and Australian Army Solider who fought in Afghanistan Damien Brown, a few days before his big fight against Koji Takeda in Japan. How he’s feeling, what his chances are, what was it like to fight in the UFC and news of...

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Aussie pollies, Whaddya reckon???

I hit the streets and asked the question about our politicians. It was on for young and old, everybody had an opinion. The consensus is out, "most of our politicians suck big time". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb7ymtAChF0

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Cameron James

https://youtu.be/jJtUTMuBkJk Episode 83 on "On The Mike" with Cameron James, one of Australia's greatest comedians. Whether he's fronting one of his sellout comedy shows, national TV shows or working on his up coming comedy series Cam is an Aussie super talent making...

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Aussie Politics

Australian Election News. Director of news at Nova Entertainment, Host of "Who Doesn't Love Politics" podcast on ACast, Media teacher, mum and incredibly talented woman Michelle Stephenson talks about the up coming election in Australia, News and Fake News, Clive...

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Happy Australia Weekend

Let me sum it up because people are crapping on way too much about this to the point where it’s almost making me feel guilty celebrating what it means to be Australian. I freakin LOVE Australian Aborigines and everything about their incredible culture, the music, the...

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Professor Charlie Teo

Nude fundraisers, playing the bagpipes and toilet meditations are not what you would expect from one of the worlds best neurosurgeons. Professor Charlie Teo is an inspirational neurosurgeon who constantly pushes boundaries to the point where the medical world gets...

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Kerryn Phelps

Congratulations Kerryn Phelps! She did the impossible! We need more people like her in parliament. It’s time for politics done differently and to get rid of the greedy politicians and their criminal parties. Can you believe there is no equivalent for ICAC at a federal...

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