Zane Lamprey

Todays show from Studio City Los Angeles with star of TV shows like Three Sheets, Four Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, DrinkTV.com and Chugg. Zane Lamprey grew up in Syracuse and attended SUNY Cortland in Cortland, New York where he...

Quak and Kale

Killer Squirrels, FAT Hypnosis and crazy priests. Just another episode of Kwak and Kale in the Brisbane City Podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LRBC20mv2U

Heros Of The Gold Coast

A 17 year old pregnant girl sleeps on the floor of a Gold Coast public toilet, a 65 year old man with nowhere to go dripping wet from rain with not enought to keep warm, a child and his mother escaping domestic violence too scared to go to police for fear of losing...


The Buttsmarn

Isaac Butterfield, AKA The Buttsmarn. The naughty stand up comedian, You Tuber, Newcastle boy who has had enough of political correctness and possibly Vegans, cyclists and feminists. He has a new special out now and it shows a deep caring side to this incredible...

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Comic Rob Brown

You wouldn’t think one of Australia’s funniest comedians had been shot at in war zones, worked in some of the toughest prisons and been in a Miller Beer commercial during the Superbowl. Until of course he told you all about it, like he does in this episode of On The Mike.

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Wild Marc The Travelling Bushman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRNmxDI3TtA Not since Steve Irwin has a an animal expert been as entertaining as this guy. Marc Jacewicz aka the Travelling Bushman is a wildlife warrior and conservationist who travels the globe sharing his incredible knowledge of the...

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Stephen Van Deventer

Stephen Van Deventer is the man behind a 450 million dollar cannabis facility in the works for Toowoomba, right next to the international airport. This will be the biggest of its kind in the world making millions, possibly billions for the Australian economy and more...

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Damien “Beat Down” Brown

Comedian Rob Brown and I chat to UFC MMA fighter and Australian Army Solider who fought in Afghanistan Damien Brown, a few days before his big fight against Koji Takeda in Japan. How he’s feeling, what his chances are, what was it like to fight in the UFC and news of...

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Aussie pollies, Whaddya reckon???

I hit the streets and asked the question about our politicians. It was on for young and old, everybody had an opinion. The consensus is out, "most of our politicians suck big time". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb7ymtAChF0

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Cameron James

https://youtu.be/jJtUTMuBkJk Episode 83 on "On The Mike" with Cameron James, one of Australia's greatest comedians. Whether he's fronting one of his sellout comedy shows, national TV shows or working on his up coming comedy series Cam is an Aussie super talent making...

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Aussie Politics

Australian Election News. Director of news at Nova Entertainment, Host of "Who Doesn't Love Politics" podcast on ACast, Media teacher, mum and incredibly talented woman Michelle Stephenson talks about the up coming election in Australia, News and Fake News, Clive...

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