Sydney Voiceover Kings Welcome Me Home…..

The Sydney Voiceover community have welcomed me with open arms and fists full of beers at the recent voiceover people end of financial year drinks.

Yes, you may have guessed after 14 years in Queensland, I have left for cockroach territory, the place where I grew up. Sydney is now home for me again, as I prepare for something big and hairy in the media. Thankyou to all my good friends who have supported me in the Sunshine State, sharing so many good times and good beer with me, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. The lovely Tanya is coming with me to take on a job with a groovy fashion store in Bondi and I have a few surprises up my sleeve in TV, Radio and check out my column in this months RALPH mag. I still have a few shows coming up in Brisbane, like the Australian busking championships and other corporate stuff. My Dad, sisters and brother is in NSW plus Dad and his beautiful new wife Manel have just had a baby girl called Alexandria. Very excited about watching my little sister grow up in Sydney and being a big brother (36 years older) again.


Mike Goldman Actor, TV Host.

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