Mikes New Showreel

Hey there friends and neighbors. Check out my new reel featuring Steve Carrel, Anne Hathaway and Pamela Anderson. 

And heres my Acting Showreel from some award winning Films like Tong Master, Ruse Corp, For the Boys and Wolfgang.Please let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Mikes New Showreel

  1. Oh those vids are fully sweet!

    How’s your blackberry going?

    I’m going to the ekka today get some showbags!!! Sooo excited. =] are going at all?

    AND!!! Olympics!!!! Wooo I’m pretty sure china are going to get the most gold meddles (how the ef do you spell that?) but go australia anyway!!!

    Have a good…. week.

  2. Absolutely AMAZING ACTOR!!!! would love to see u acting some more u had me sitting there hooked in that episode, U ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ACTOR!!!!! you are LEGEND!!!!

    pls make some more like those!! and i loved the showreel!!! i should of said it before MIKE GOLDMAN FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!! you would def get my vote!!!


  3. Good to see you in a variety of roles.You are a natural on the screen.Still think comedy is your thing but great to see you breaking the mould and trying something different. I think your great and have always admired you.

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