“The brand new Great Wet & Wild Wall of China”In case you haven’t heard I’m sliding down the Great Wall of China to Beijing with Olivia Newton John.We’re raising funds to help find a cancer cure and theres only a few days left till I head off with Sir Cliff Richard, Dannii Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, AJ Rochester and many more. If you could possibly spare a few bucks to help us find a cure I will promise to be funnier on my TV shows, be nicer to Bree and Fitzy, call my mother more often and most of all, walk a hell of a long way along the Great wall of China! Will be interesting to see how Olivia handles me singing the Grease Megamix for 246 kilometers. Hey you’ve gotta do something to pass the time, Its a bloody long way!Go to Greatwalktobeijing.com to sponsor me and find out more about this great challenge for a great cause….