!!!!!!!!Big Brother 2008 Starts NOW!!!!!!!

Get your auditions into www.bigbrother.com.au and get your mates to vote you in for the experience of a lifetime!

People of Australia its up to you who goes in!

People from all walks of life, all demographics, all types this is your chance to shine!

I cant wait to meet you!

8 thoughts on “!!!!!!!!Big Brother 2008 Starts NOW!!!!!!!

  1. Hey LilBigBro here, even though they say voting is over
    jump on the channel ten Big Bro forum
    and look for the profile backupprofile and consider me as
    a intruder ive been applying for the show
    since i was 17(turning 21 april 29th)

  2. want yummy mummy in….help me out & get angie in for your entertainment ausralia…:-)

  3. omg i love bridgitt so much i wish she never left but she is gone tonight:( mii un happy lolz will my anme is emilie and im 11 will i hope i see bridgitt in the public lol i love her so much anywayz catch up with ya latez byexx00xx00 I LOVE BRIG

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