Cosplay Kings

On this weeks episode of #OnTheMike, I sit down with Margot Robbie and Ben Affleck lookalikes Laura Gilbert and Cosplay Chris at the newest amusement park in Sydney – Archie Bros Electric Circus. These guys travel the globe making appearances as super heroes like Harley Quinn and Batman and today they jump #OnTheMike.

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? Intro Song: The Dash – Lane Harry x Ike Campbell — Mike Goldman is an Australian television and radio host and voice over, probably best known for his various roles on Big Brother Australia series. He has appeared in television roles, mini-series and films. He is the son of television and radio personality Grant Goldman. Mike is the host of ‘On The Mike’, a video show and podcast featuring interesting characters, celebrities, politicians, doctors, legends, entrepreneurs, geniuses, writers, entertainers and many more. —

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