Better than the Ghetto Upgrade

The beautiful people at V Australia gave me the super upgrade to L.A, not to be confused with the Ghetto upgrade where you’re in economy and find you have a few spare seats next to you to spread out on. The flight was fantasteriffic with everything you could ever dream of wanting on a thirteen hour flight other than for it to be shorter than thirteen hours. On V Australia (direct to LA from Brisbane) you can order whatever food when you want, you get Bvulgari toiletries in a cool bag, special V Australia pyjamas and thongs. I have to say whenever I fly any part of the Virgin air franchise I always see people around me turn into flight crew groupies, not because they’re all hot, but due to the amazing vibe that resonates from people who actually enjoy their job, how they’re treated and the company they work for. Not like the old cart tarts that have been with the airlines so long they have become excess baggage.
The entertainment on V Australia was super with all the latest movies, music and the best coloring in books ever. RAD!!
So Im in a few Facebook foreplay foray’s with a few agent/producer types in L.A who have a few things going but it seems an O Visa is needed. I need to visit myself one of those lawyer beasts so they can fill out a form for me, mail it and charge me three grand. I do want to do some work in the land of LA LA but could I be stuffed paying all that moolah for a working Visa? Hopefully what happened to me last time I was there won’t stop me getting back in.
LA Cop
For those of you that think I really was arrested, I wasn’t. It was just me mucking around outside the House Of Blues after a few drinks and the cop, posed for photos and let me sit in the back of the car pretending to be cuffed. Great publicity. It was in every paper in Australia. Im back in L.A in a couple of weeks with Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Shane Warne and a few other big celebrities for the Hollywood Ashes. Check out