International Emmy and Gold Lion Award

The Great Crusade Emmy Nomination

We got nominated!! YAY!!

Congratulations to the team I worked with on the Emmy nominated and Gold Lion Award winning Great Crusade comedy series. 24 episodes shot in New Zealand during the rugby world cup for One HD and Qantas inflight entertainment had me playing myself, eventually turning into a deranged killer running around a caravan park in New Zealand with a kitchen knife wearing nothing but a bath towel. Usual saturday night really. Produced by big time Hollywood Director Gregor Jordan and director Nathan Earls this was an amazing opportunity for me to showcase my secret acting skills. From this I’ve scored a part in the new Magda Szubanski, Ronan Keating movie Goddess set for release in March 2013 and for the last 8 months Ive been filming another movie about a TV host who believes his friends, family and workmates have been making a reality show about him his whole life, sending him on a quest to prove it. It gets very messy with various shock endings sure to surprise. This looks set for early 2013 release as well. Stay tuned for free tickets to the sneak preview.
Cameron Knight and director producer Tony Prescot

Shooting Goldman in between takes with Cameron Knight and Director Producer Tony Prescott.

The Great Crusade

mike goldman

Mike and miranda kerr

Want to be a part of “The Great Crusade? What’s that? You say, religiously sanctioned military campaigns aren’t my thing and its not even the dark ages? Rack off Mike! Fair enough. If that were the case fine, but its not, so please allow me to explain. This is a crusade around New Zealand following the gods of rugby whom we call the Qantas Wallabies and no we aren’t doing it in clanky suits of armour, on horseback, eating off the land. We are doing it in style and luxury. Campervans ladies and gentlemen, luxurious, pimped out palaces on wheels.  Taking in the best New Zealand has to offer, supporting the Qantas Wallabies everywhere they go and partying hard. This amazing experience is the brainchild of Glen Condie and his dream team at “Wonder“. Want to come? All you gotta do is up load a video to and show us just how far you would go to support the Qantas Wallabies. Im a judge and looking for originality people. So no boring videos about how you’ve never had a holiday or how you want to clean my car. Make me laugh, make me cry, sho us how big a fan you really are and you may just have yourself a spot on one of the coolest crusades in history.