Reggie the Survivor

Corona virus doesn’t get Reggie down. She’s already been sanitising and masking up for the last ten years. Regina Bird has a little boy with cystic fibrosis by the name of Lucas who is extremely susceptible to airborne viruses like COV-19. She may have won Big Brother and be going blind but it hasn’t stopped her or her great sense of humour. Just ask her how many times she’s been banned from Facebook for posting naughty funny stuff. We have a great laugh, we chat about the serious hurdles she’s been facing and what lies ahead for all of us in this uncertain time. #reggie#reggiebird#cysticfibrosis#coronavirus#coronavirusaustralia See Less

ACA Heart’s BB

Yeah ok, click to watch watch the story here if you like, but if you want a behind the scenes story then read on.
Look at Pete on the far right, he looks so excited to be there, unlike myself who looks so inattentive.

They hated our guts during our 8 years of amazing Australian Television history and played a major part in having the show taken off the air and now ten years later they confess their love for Big Brother with a TV special? Interesting. Gretel Killeen didn’t want to do this ACA story because she thought it was too soon, Kyle and Jacqui O didn’t get asked, so as the only host that worked on the show for all 8 years I was the best way to kill two pigs with the one bird. (Hello Angry Birds Fans) It was kinda weird walking into Channel 9 studios at Willoughby in Sydney to find millionaire BB winner Trevor suited up at reception waiting for everyone to show up. He looks different, he’s shaved his dreadlocks, beefed up and still a barrrel of laughs. BB 01 doonah dancer Pete Timbs was there running around recording housemate interviews for what will probably be a womans day or TV week story in the coming months. He’s doing well with his pizza shop, I think its a Crust franchise or something. When all the housemates finally showed up we headed to a bar near the Channel 9 canteen where we were showered with a few drinks and a catch up. Immediately I thought, hello they’re going to get us really really pissed and make us talk about all the naughty things that happened behind the scenes, but this wasn’t the case. As you may have seen in the story, it was all quite positive, except for the Camilla incident. (gobble gobble)
During the ACA interview we talked up the production company, Endemol Southern Star and its amazing producers which was edited out, fantastic words of praise for Gretel Killeen binned, executive producer Peter Abbott’s attention to detail was also gone with that crazy time we had a nude friday night games with all Big Brother staff and housemates. Umm, ok I can’t back that up, I did suggest it once when our up late ratings looked like they were taking a slide. Hey, everything is a good idea in a brainstorm! I digress. After the interview most of the housemates went to a place called “The Blues bar”, on York st the city, which is an amazing place for dinner and cocktails and then the Ivy for a few beers. We got some strange looks when we were out on the town, one person asked me for an autograph. Unfortunately it was because she thought I was Manu from My Kitchen Rules. I LOOK NOTHING LIKE HIM!! Shock horror we got no free drinks while we were out either. Yeah, that ride finished years ago.
At one point we all looked around and wondered where BB03 winner Reggie was. Then I realized I had a missed call from her on my phone so I called her back and she told me that because shes half blind and can hardly see anything in really low light the poor darling took a wrong turn and got lost between the dark depths of the Mornings With Kerri Anne and Today show sets. Isnt that where the old Hot Dogs Up Late set is? We had to get security to release the hounds and luckily they found her. Back to the Ivy and the loudness continued till about 2am when we split for Camilla’s hotel room. Nobody got hurt, nothing was broken, but there was nothing left in her bar fridge after our visit thats for sure. Great to catch up with everyone and I never thought I would ever be saying this but, “thanks A Current Affair for such an entertaining and positive story”, I knew you guys were fans all along.