Im all in at Darling Harbor’s Star City Casino Sydney for the next few days playing a BIG GAME Poker Tournament to win big buck$$$$$. They use me a lot here for shows, like the recent Ralph Swimwear model of the year and the up coming Stockbroker of The Year Awards, I love this place! The chunky waterfall at the entrance, Baby John Burgess working here three times a day for a live game show, staff who help you out at the tables when you’re not sure what to hands play, great restaurants, bars and of couse heaps of big poker tournaments.
My yummy fiancé Tanya is here styling and modeling a few fashion parades for hair expo at the convention centre next door. The poor darling has been going multiball trying to get the parades styled in time. Its reminding me of when I was a hairdresser, I cut hair in my first two weeks of apprenticeship and got sacked. Glad I did cause every day the boss spoke to me like a dog, all I did was sweep the floor, wash towels, work long hours and go home most days with a muffin mouth full of other peoples hair. I was just down there at the convention centre at Darling Harbor watching all the spunky hairdressers wizz and jizz up a storm of hair hats. Tanya’s styling is incredible, Im sure you’ll see what shes done in all the groovy fashion magazines read by fussy women who think they know whats hip and men who enjoy a bromance a little to much.
Back to Star City and the Poker, I had breakky at Austral this morning on the top floor of the casino with spectacular views of the city, served over excitedly by a little indian dude who kept bowing. By far the best breakfast ever. Why dont you come down to Star City and check out the Poker Room where I will hopefully be at the tables for the next few days, unless I go all in with a bad bluff and a low pair. Not to be confused with going down on a big muff with a mo hair.
Think you can play poker? Then put your money where your mouth is BIG GAME POKERstupidhaircutOr you can read the next issue of RALPH MAGAZINE how I played games here at Star City and at the 888 poker tournament with Shane Warne in Melbourne next week. When it comes to POKER I’m All IN BABY!!!!