Sydney Cider Just Like Dickens Cider

Back in Sydney now after about twelve years in Brisbane and let me tell you, It feels great to be back home where I grew up. Hosting a digital radio show on GORILLA that kind of came about when I first got here. Bondi is an exciting and interesting place to live, with lots of tourists, mostly pommies who I’m sure are staying here illegally. I went for a walk today and was hit by some english git’s beach ball of death. Who takes a freakin’ beach ball to the beach on a day when cars are pretty much being blown onto the ocean? The weather bomb thats being dropped at the moment is disgustingly ugly. How ugly? Uglier than a nude bearded french backpacker with crabs on his teeth. Where was I, yes, Sydney is going great and theres always cool stuff happening. Like last night the opening of the Public Dining Room at Balmoral beach. Amazing restaurant with incredible food but a unimaginative name. Should have called it Bombora or Bal Bals, or…. Sorry Im being a Balmoron. Thanks for having me PDRB, loved the place. Then I went to RAVISIS Bondi for the opening of their wine bar. That was a cool party, had a dance to an excellent band, (I wanted to sing) met some groovy people and then after a few drinks stumbled home. Oh I was stopped in the street by some chick that reckons that she was supposed to be let into the Big Brother house as an intruder to take on Krystal. She said she decided against it, fair enough. Gawd!! Cant believe Im talking about BB!! Please everyone, no more e mails asking me if Big Brother is coming back. No, Its not, and even if it was I probably wouldn’t do it. I loved the show as much as everyone else, so did my bank account, but its gone for good now so lets get over it. Watch the Spearman Experiment, Glee or Masterchef.
My darling girl, Tan Arlidge is living here with me. She has a great job and up coming accessories business. Her stylish pieces are hand made in our lounge room. There’s still feathers everywhere damn it! Metallic Dreamer

Okay gotta go, I have some serious sleep debt to pay back to my brain. Gotta be up at 5am for my show on GORILLA and if I dont sleep now I’ll be DJ docile.

Kyle Boned

I can’t believe just because the guy tells a bad joke he gets suspended again.
It’s all over the news and now his job is under threat. Kyle isn’t the only DJ in town, you know you can listen to anything else on about fifty other stations if you don’t like it. I really don’t understand what all the hype is about. Sure he said a bad joke about Magda Szubanski, big deal. Having a jewish name Im not defending what he said about her losing weight if you put her in a concentration camp. I’m just saying if you don’t like it, don’t listen. Just like when Big Brother copped it. Dont watch you idiots who love to complain. I think everyone knows that by now.
Its the stupid journalists out there that don’t like Kyle, for one reason or another, see it as an opportunity to get him sacked and all they’re doing is giving him publicity. I wish I could get that amount of publicity on my little tiny tincey baby digital radio show that I just started doing. (6-9 weekday mornings on GORILLA) Anyway, I like Kyle and I consider him a friend. Kyle, like me, loves to give people a stir. Its obviously working for him, so well done buddy, thanks to the media reporting on you, watch your ratings soar.