Stockbroker Of The Year 2009

The bears, the bulls and the donkeys converged on Star City In Sydney for the Stockbroker of the year awards. The generosity from all in attendance was incredible. At least $80k was raised for the Royal Prince Alfred Hostpital to buy Humidicribs for premature babies. When I was on stage I couldn’t believe the amount of brokers who pledged cash and one in-particular who pledged 32k himself for an RPA humidicrib. Think of the lives that this could save, amazing. Thankyou so much for your generosity. Thats not all that was raised, there were a huge amount of people who showed amazing generosity during the silent auction, raising up to 200k. Not to mention almost 6 million over the years. During such hard economic times the stockbroker community of Australia showed amazing generosity. Great to see some of the talented babes from Sky News and Sky Business news Australia.
Thanks for having me guys and hope to see you next year…..