Stephen Van Deventer

Stephen Van Deventer is the man behind a 450 million dollar cannabis facility in the works for Toowoomba, right next to the international airport. This will be the biggest of its kind in the world making millions, possibly billions for the Australian economy and more importantly helping people with epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain and many more. Trail blazer Stephen Van Deventer from Asterion Cannabis Inc. a Canadian medicinal cannabis company, with a 100% wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Asterion (Australia) Pty Ltd is leading a company focused on precision agriculture and producing the highest quality, low cost, genetically uniform strains of cannabis.

Professor Charlie Teo

Nude fundraisers, playing the bagpipes and toilet meditations are not what you would expect from one of the worlds best neurosurgeons. Professor Charlie Teo is an inspirational neurosurgeon who constantly pushes boundaries to the point where the medical world gets fully pissed off. When it comes down to it, Charlie gives people hope, time & life. In this interview he has some great stories about patients, his new foundation, research projects, awareness, fundraising and he even plays the bagpipes towards the end of the show. Please if you like, give the show a review on iTunes.

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