Waking up with a pounding headache, memories from last night rushed back. An influencer with a whopping 2 million followers, one glass too many, and an evening drenched in youthful exuberance. Here’s looking at you, Pia and Kane. But let’s not play the blame game. In truth, it was all me, relishing the moments and living it up with some social media titans.

The honour was mine to be a part of the maiden SXSW Sydney. Hosting panels, orchestrating a grand soirée at The Alibi, recording voiceovers for the central stage, and introducing illustrious personalities like Charlie Brooker, the genius behind ‘Black Mirror’, and the iconic Nicole Kidman. Fun tidbit: I once shared the screen with Nicole in ‘BMX Bandits’, zooming around on my blue mongoose, donning a Davey Crockett raccoon skin hat – a gift from my father, straight from Disneyland.

Now, for those uninitiated, SXSW (South by Southwest) is a beacon of creativity and innovation originating from Austin, Texas. A tradition of many years, this festival has now set its sights on Sydney, Australia, for an upcoming decade-long extravaganza. Picture Expo 88, but amplified: more parties, head-banging rock n’ roll, futuristic robots, flying vehicles, AI-operated vending machines, bustling ad agencies, immersive social media pop-ups, and an unending supply of free beverages, food, and experiences. And oh, not to forget, the occasional morning-after headache.

A quick nostalgia trip: During Expo 88, as a 15-year-old rebel with jet-black hair, I operated the gold stamp machine in the United Nations pavilion. Quite the journey from there to here.

If you’re even remotely associated with the creative world, mark your calendars for next year’s SXSW Sydney. The connections I’ve made are invaluable. I’ve ventured into the realm of video game voicing, initiated discussions for a brand-new studio in Brisbane, potentially bagged a film role, and expanded my VoiceOver network.

A heartfelt shoutout to Joe Millward, Mel Poole, and Dan Macarthur for making this week nothing short of legendary. Check out their project called Metropius. SXSW Sydney? Highly recommend. Five stars.

Charlie Brooker the Black Mirror creator and Julia Zemiro.

Joe Millward, Mel Poole and a cross eyed hooligan.


A bushwacking good time!

Buckle up your boots and get ready for the wildest damn event the Outback has ever seen – the BIG RED BASH in Birdsville! What a crazy ride!! (Just a tiny 22 hours drive from Brisbane) Featuring massive international superstars, record breaking stunts and a fun family atmosphere over three spectacular days. This is Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets who was lead man for The Angels. They rocked it big time! Dave has a new album with the Jets coming out very soon. Cant wait to hear it!!

John Williamson performed here 10 years ago and sang Waltzing Matilda to launch the Festival after the welcome to country.

Aussie Pop Princess Kate Cebrano, Ross Wilson and Ava from The Chantoosies.

I was MC for this record breaking three-day party! ?? I interviewed all the Aussie mega stars of the show – and let me tell you, it was like herding kangaroos on steroids backstage! ???

10,000 screaming fans there for one hell of a week. We are doing it all again at Mundi Mundi in a few weeks out near Broken Hill. Same massive line up. See it all here

If you want to come next year get in early as it sells out in like 7 minutes.

Thank you to Greg and the Donovan family for having me as their MC. An honour and a privilege.

Thats Big red the biggest sand dune in the Simpson Desert. Hence the name, Big red Bash.

See you in Mundi Mundi 🙂

Mike On The Mike

2018 Has been a sporty year for me indeed. The Commonwealth Games Beach Volleyball MC, The Host of Facebook Studio live for Facebook and Channel 7 interviewing all the athletes and soon The Sydney Kings will return with Australias greatest ever NBA export Andrew Bogut and of course me as your court-side MC. Heres some of the action below.

The Gold Medal winning Boomers Nathan Sobey and Damien Martin

Enquiries contact

Mr Motivation

Brent Williams
Known as an expert in team moral, productivity and success, Brent Williams is an international best selling author, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and blockbuster movie producer. His insights into todays youth, the problems they face and how to deal with them are ground breaking. He also has very interesting insights into why anxiety is on the rise.
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Mike 🙂

Krissy Stanley

Meet Australias own Phyllis Dyller who comes with a flock of hair dyed flightless birds. More colourful than a one nation rally and funnier than Tony Abbott in budgee smugglers. Like Dame Edna but a much more attractive woman. Krissie Stanley is a self confessed reality TV and game show nut. She’s been on more shows than Channel 10 has viewers and performed her work at more retirement villages than White Lady. Krissie has a zoo of colourful animals that she has trained to perform along with her audacious comedy. Meet this incredible human, On The Mike.

Check out Kris here:

Matt Hollywood

One of my best mates in the whole world, international magician society magician of the year Matt Hollywood is my very special guest this week On The Mike. No we aren’t just talking magic, he’s performing it, and blows my mind by making a small puppy appear out of nowhere. It’s by far one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen in my life. Enjoy this episode with my awesome friend, Magician Matt Hollywood.

Ben Darsow

Hes a fresh laugh-out-loud Australian observational & improvised standup comedian and he’s On The Mike. We did a show together at the Sydney Comedy Club and he was awesome. We had a great chat about the strange clubs he has played the world over and his stellar career that is on the rise. Please if you read this leave me a cheeky review on Apple Podcasts. Cheers 🙂

Grant Goldman 50 years in Radio

grant goldman voiceover

My Dad and Sydney Breakfast Radio Legend Grant Goldman.

Yes, an Australian radio super god is celebrating 50 years in radio this year. This guy hosted the first episode of ABC TVs Countdown, which was the first live colour television show in Australian TV history.

He has won international and local radio awards and has one of the longest running nationally syndicated breakfast shows.

Not to mention being the voice of Sky Channel, the official voice of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the Manly Sea Eagles ground announcer for over thirty years. GO MANLY!!

Here we are when Manly beat the Storm 40 nil in the 2008 grand final.

Dad taught me everything there is to know about radio and television, how to use a microphone, how to promote myself, how to sell promotional use only CD’s on E Bay.

I can honestly say I have never met anyone in the industry who always had such a positive attitude at all times.

One of the more fun jobs Ive had over the years was working in the studio next to him hosting the Gorilla radio breakfast show while dad was hosting his show in the studio next door.

He would pop in on my show and vice versa. All sorts of crazy shit would happen. Dad would just barge in while in the middle of a talk break, “whats going on here?” If digital radio took off in Australia I

would have stayed.

Yep he’s my dear old dad Grant Goldman, on radio every morning on 2SM from 5 till 9am and something you may not know. He also recorded about a million voiceovers for the Sydney train stations.

Someone then got hold of these announcements and messed with them a little.

Dad swears he didn’t do it. Have a listen.

Listen to Dad weekday mornings from 5 till 9am on 2SM in Sydney and nationally on the Super radio network.

Radio legend grant goldman celebrates 50 years in radio

Radio legend grant goldman celebrates 50 years in radio

Or find him here