Dangerous Voiceovers

seconds before the spill

Seconds before the voiceover booth stack

Parking my car next to all the new rides at Dreamworld as I walk into the maximum security TV production section of the theme park that is Channel 9s Big Brother, it all seems surreal. After three short years you notice real change : the new house, amazing sets,the high tech cameras and microphones, the tricky lights, a staff tea room cookie upgrade instead of plain milk arrowroot theres an assortment, the instantaneous involvement of twitter and facebook on every show, reading voiceover scripts from producers iPhones and pads rather than scraps of paper, the bigger buckets of fairy floss now available at the Big Brother canteen, how my dressing room used to be the disabled toilet and now i share with the cameraman change rooms (upgrade?).
Mike Goldman

I did it all for the Cookie

Fans are back and with the odd loveable looney. Launch shows, sunday evictions and nominations are a blast for me as I still get to host the pre show entertainment(better than saying crowd warm up) . They love the shuffle dance, too hard for me, I couldn’t shuffle a deck of cards. Tonight its Layla, Estelle or Sharne. Fun times indeed. But its not rosy all the time…….
There has already been an accident in the Big Brother voiceover department this year. Was in my booth the other day, about to read a script about Bradley pumping iron in the gym and my chair broke. I hit the ground hard, it sounded great on playback, but it did hurt a little. Was it Karma for reading a funny voiceover, was it big brother playing prank on me? Perhaps. Below is a reenactment so you can get a feel for how much pain was caused when I hit the deck. Notice however that my scripts were not crumpled in any way, which I believe a testament to my script protection skills.
Voiceover danger

The voiceover chair breaks

My voiceover stack reenactment.
No injuries, except for a minor paper cut.