Episode 24 – Tinder Linda

I was at my sister Rochana’s wedding a few days ago and ended up chatting to some people I didn’t even know at the bar. They were talking loudly about different apps that they use for dating. One georgous young lady had some amazing stories about the experiences she has had on Tinder. She had so many funny stories I asked her to tell them on my show. Only if she could have a pseudonym and so Tinder Linda was invented.

Pick your Date

Ok, so that wasn’t the name we went with for my new dating show. I wanted “bro’s and Hos”,”pick me Im not a whore”, “mikes web cam hotties” or “dont pick the axe murderer”, but apparantley they were taken. All the TV channels want it, but who needs an annoying TV channel when you have to put the show on at a certain time. My chumlinks, you can watch ours whenever! The first episode or Date or Dud features “sex expert” Dr Nikki Goldstien and I hear after the launch of this episode she brought out her own range of camaflaged vibrators. Yes ones that you can wear ad agroovy bangle or ancklette and nobody will even know that your actually orgasiming in the back corner of Starbucks while ordering a caramel late. So have a look and if youre game, not at Nikki knocking one out, but at our super cool new show, or even have a go by uploading a video saying why you should be the date. Every contestant wins $100 cash, a $50 itunes voucher, the chance at an all expenses paid dream date and a free vagazzaling kit. Ok, theres no Vegazzaling kit, but I want one. Really. http://dateordud.com.au/