Im gonna lay my royal flush down on the table and let people know, Poker is my life my life is Poker. I’m sure Marcia Heinz wrote a song about that once when she had one, late one night when she had to many lemonGRASS teas. Very happy about making the front cover of the Australian Poker Weekly and I have to say Its about time. Not because I hosted the highest rating Poker TV show of all time in Australia with Lee Final tables Nelson but more for the amount of unsuspecting people who I’ve met at the tables of various casinos across australia and told bad jokes to while they took my hard earned money. Truth is, I love the game, but have an extremely short attention span. So when It comes to hosting poker tournaments at home or on the telle Im having a ball and enjoying the game with everyone around me, but when it comes to winning, I suck. I suck so bad. Although I did make it to the top 20 at Shane Warnes recent tournament at Crown casino amongst some real poker pros. Hey I even beat Warnie that day. Check out the new poker room at Star City, its by far the best in Australia. Just beware Grant Levy and Toothpick Tony, they ALWAYS bluff. I know from experience.