Happy Australia Weekend

Let me sum it up because people are crapping on way too much about this to the point where it’s almost making me feel guilty celebrating what it means to be Australian. I freakin LOVE Australian Aborigines and everything about their incredible culture, the music, the art, to their awesome sense of humour. I don’t like it if my indigenous friends are sad and a couple, not all of them, are. So let’s throw them a party to celebrate them, us and everything that has ever been achieved by anyone of any race, creed or colour on this great land. Not just people, celebrate stuff! Toast the Harbour Bridge, Didgeridoos, The Diggers, Beer, The land, the Dreamtime, The Beach, Vegemite and the fact we are all awesome and super lucky to be here together in this amazing place. Celebrate not for one day but two days so the people who don’t want to move the date get a bonus to help them work with us. This is called, “The Australia Weekend” holiday. First weekend in February. Do it this year, yes, more parties and holidays please Government people. I could bang on a lot more about this but what we need now is a whole lot less devisive speak and more feel good IDEAS to show compassion, love and understanding for everyone who shares the greatest country on earth. Then hopefully it’s a step towards helping our indigenous brothers and sisters live in equality because there’s still a long way to go. But that’s another chat we need to have.

Mike Goldman

#AustraliaWeekend  #auspol