The first time I saw one of these was in L.A, it was being operated by a beardo in a trenchcoat hanging out in the park near where I was staying. (beardo=weirdo with a beard)
Its a remote controlled Quadrocopter otherwise known as a an AR DRONE and it will definitely give you a brainspin. These things are so amazing, they’re scary. Next thing you know there will be speakers and guns attached to them and they will be flying around patrolling the streets of Sydney like in Robocop or Terminator Rise Of The Machines. Heres the official video from the makers having a play outside with some dopey soccer players to show if they can do it anyone can.

I had a go at flying one around my lounge room. As Im uploading these videos my chopper is rooted because I flew it into the wall one too many time. So dont fly it inside if you get one. I stuffed it and burnt my cash. Boooooo!!