Ben Darsow

Hes a fresh laugh-out-loud Australian observational & improvised standup comedian and he’s On The Mike. We did a show together at the Sydney Comedy Club and he was awesome. We had a great chat about the strange clubs he has played the world over and his stellar career that is on the rise. Please if you read this leave me a cheeky review on Apple Podcasts. Cheers 🙂



The 2017 City to Surf with its 80,000 runners will be bolting from the city of Sydney to Bondi beach in August. Long way to run for a beer I know, but what the heck, it’s for charity.
Sign up and sponsor me here…

If you’re a fundraising superstar who can pledge to raise $1,000, you can join our gold runners.

In addition to helping to raise funds and awareness for the children and families who attend The Shepherd Centre, you’ll receive the following benefits:

• Free entry
• Start ahead of the pack in the exclusive Gold Charity start group and you’ll start the race just behind the professional runners
• A Shepherd Centre running singlet and wristband
• Invitation to come and take a tour of one of our centres
• Personalised running bib and a Superstar finisher’s medal

In addition to the above, upon completion of the race you will also receive a very special piece of artwork from a child attending The Shepherd Centre to say thank you for your hard work and support.

Click the link below to become a Shepherd Centre Superstar or to find out more please contact our Events and Community Fundraising Coordinator Hannah via email or phone: 02 9370 4441
























Mikes Fashion weak

I knew they looked like something novel from my childhood and I figured it out. All you hipsters out there following the latest cutting edge fashion are really dressed like pappa smurf. Cool!!!!

"a hipster"

Tight pants – Check
Big Beard – Check
Beanie – Check

So now if the Pappa smurf look is in you have to go and find a date with a girl that dresses like Smurfette.
Actually come to think of it that would be like dating a midget Avatar in pokerdots. Nice, I think Im a little turned on right now.

I always wanted to grow a beard when I was young to impress the babes, but unfortunately my 17 year old beard would always look like storm clouds in a white sky or a milo face as I was once called. It just didn’t cut it. So if you’re too young to grow a pappa beard heres a cool idea that may help you. MAybe get nanna to make one for you or something. Awesome!!

Oh and heres a few beards that may not work. A trim or perhaps a complete shave.

Is that a beard or was he eating a Chihuahua?!??
That reminds me, Im hungry!
Thats all this week for Mikes Fashion Weak.

Sydney Cider Just Like Dickens Cider

Back in Sydney now after about twelve years in Brisbane and let me tell you, It feels great to be back home where I grew up. Hosting a digital radio show on GORILLA that kind of came about when I first got here. Bondi is an exciting and interesting place to live, with lots of tourists, mostly pommies who I’m sure are staying here illegally. I went for a walk today and was hit by some english git’s beach ball of death. Who takes a freakin’ beach ball to the beach on a day when cars are pretty much being blown onto the ocean? The weather bomb thats being dropped at the moment is disgustingly ugly. How ugly? Uglier than a nude bearded french backpacker with crabs on his teeth. Where was I, yes, Sydney is going great and theres always cool stuff happening. Like last night the opening of the Public Dining Room at Balmoral beach. Amazing restaurant with incredible food but a unimaginative name. Should have called it Bombora or Bal Bals, or…. Sorry Im being a Balmoron. Thanks for having me PDRB, loved the place. Then I went to RAVISIS Bondi for the opening of their wine bar. That was a cool party, had a dance to an excellent band, (I wanted to sing) met some groovy people and then after a few drinks stumbled home. Oh I was stopped in the street by some chick that reckons that she was supposed to be let into the Big Brother house as an intruder to take on Krystal. She said she decided against it, fair enough. Gawd!! Cant believe Im talking about BB!! Please everyone, no more e mails asking me if Big Brother is coming back. No, Its not, and even if it was I probably wouldn’t do it. I loved the show as much as everyone else, so did my bank account, but its gone for good now so lets get over it. Watch the Spearman Experiment, Glee or Masterchef.
My darling girl, Tan Arlidge is living here with me. She has a great job and up coming accessories business. Her stylish pieces are hand made in our lounge room. There’s still feathers everywhere damn it! Metallic Dreamer

Okay gotta go, I have some serious sleep debt to pay back to my brain. Gotta be up at 5am for my show on GORILLA and if I dont sleep now I’ll be DJ docile.