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Brent Williams
Known as an expert in team moral, productivity and success, Brent Williams is an international best selling author, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and blockbuster movie producer. His insights into todays youth, the problems they face and how to deal with them are ground breaking. He also has very interesting insights into why anxiety is on the rise.
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Mike ūüôā

How To Make 50 Million Dollars A Year

This episode, Nik and Alex jump ‚ÄėOn The Mike‚Äô to chat all things business. From making over $50 million in sales this past year, the boys are on a rocket ship to success. Working with the biggest names in entertainment like Kylie Jenner and Connor McGregor, these two Gold Coast legends are not stopping anytime soon. Next episode is the legendary Sonia Kruger.


This Tuesday night at Fox Studios I’m¬†going to get down and dirty with my TV industry peers to debate the myth that “Internet Killed the TV Star”. Hang on, just have to check my invitation. No wait. I mean I’m debating for the point that the internet IS killing the TV star. Oh, shit, how the hell am I gonna do this? I’ve been working in TV for so many years and saying anything bad about these lovely people who paid my rent and put food on the table could ruin me! Could this be it? Maybe I start looking for a new career as a basketball announcer for the Sydney Kings. Oh, hang on. I already do that. Life isn’t so bad after all. Ok, let’s do this……Unfortunately, in recent years, Telly forgot almost all of his stories and mainly babbled about the same boring things over and over ‚Äď usually renovations, recipes and weight loss. A very sad end to a very good friend.

Yes, It’s¬†going to be dead and gone like VHS tapes‚Ķ a landline‚Ķ Remote controls for things you don‚Äôt use anymore and exercise equipment you never used at all ‚Äď well, maybe once‚Ķ and dust, lots of dust. Know what most dust is? Human skin‚Ķ bits of you that died and fell off.

R.I.P. Telly Vision! You will be missed.

Come and watch TV fall off on Tuesday night.



Australian Film Television and Radio School

Building 130

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The “Hoges” mini series¬† on Channel 7 starring Josh Lawson as Hoges¬†was a blast and I can tell you first hand that Josh absolutely nails it. I was lucky enough to get a small role on the series as an American TV reporter interviewing Paul and his wife Delvine Delaney who in real life actually introduced my parents!! Is that weird or what??! I also did a couple of news style anchorman reports that tie together the story in this series where I had to grow this big cheesey 80 mustache and wear Miami vice style pastels. There is so much to this iconic Australians rise to fame that I didn’t know until being a part of this incredible mini series produced by Freemantle media and directed by Kevin Carlin . Love Kevin! He’s awesome to work with!! I’m sure Australians and other people around the world who watch this series will love Australia’s favorite son even more after seeing this series. Incredibly proud to be a part of it!
What is even more cool is the fact that Hoges side kick on the Paul Hogan show, Delvine Delaney introduced my mum and dad in real life. Mum says it like this.

“So I was in the Miss Australian Beach Girl Competition in 1971 and Delvine Delaney was chaperone for the Queensland representative. Then this guy called Grant Goldman came to meet his friend Delvine Delaney at the Contactio Motel, which is no longer around when I was introduced. After winning the competition I went on my winning trip to Hawaii, then when I got back there was a disco in town where I was and Grant came up and introduced himself. We went on a date after that and made two lovely boys, Mike and Jay Goldman.”

Mum back then and now sailing around Australia with her salty sea dog,”Dallas Williams”.

The Pensioner Pirates.

Nice one mum! She now sails around Australia and writes a blog called “Pensioner Pirates”.

See the cast and crew here

Mike “Anchorman” Goldman and Josh “Hoges” Lawson.


Director Kevin Carlin



Linda Klowslowski played by Laura Gordon



Brother from another mother

Australia’s most watched house is empty so Big Bro needs you to live in it for a while and maybe win some cash.

If you get in you could well become a household name and get to do fun things like Dreamworld appearances.
Last year I had to fill in for a celebrity housemate who couldn’t do the full day of appearances in the spare diary room chair just outside the Big Brother amphitheatre.
I was like Santa Claus but without the presents. The letdown on kids faces is burnt into my mind.
“Mum, what happened to Benjaman, I want the funny housemate, who’s this guy”, they would say.
The mums knew, they remembered my shows, “Friday Night Live” and “Big Brother Up Late” god bless them.

If you want to be on on the 2014 edition heres my tips for auditions :
Be yourself
Dont bite your tongue
Stand out
If anyone is a big mouth stand up to them
Talk to other people you don’t know auditioning
Wash yourself properly before going to auditions
Eat and take some food and drink to auditions
Bring a pillow
Bring a tea towel
Sing loudly while waiting
Speak in a made up language the whole time

Actually I really have no Idea if any of those tips will help. One good idea is to take chocolate bars and give them to the executive producers as a bribe. Especially the chubby pommy one, he loves chocolate.
This is by far the biggest and most successful television show in the world. 14 years since we started and still pumping in over 40 countries.
Every year a different show, with different people, love affairs, insults, shocks, tears, fights, laughs, different tasks and challenges. PLUS the stunning Sonia Kruger hosting up a storm. Oh and of course yours truly will be there voice-overing and doing my thing at the live shows. Come and say hello!!
Me in my voiceover booth at Big Brother. It smells a little bit, don’t go in there.

This year, if you think know someone who would be awesome on the show, NOMINATE THEM! Just send their photo, name, number and why you think they should be on the show to
Mike Goldman on stage Big Brother 2012
They will probably hate you at first but deep down they’ll be flattered and it will be the best thing that they ever did. They’ll love you for it.

Drink Driving Shock

This is full on!! If you’re squeamish or have just eaten I would definitely look away. Its an anti drink driving campaign by Leo Burnett London. Its part of a Pub toilet Shocker campaign for the Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign. The idea is that you’ll be in the dunny and this face goes smashing into the mirror from the other side you’ll think it was from a car accident and decide to never drink drive. Either that or make you accidentally crap your pants before you get to the bowl and or scare you from ever going to a public toilet again.

Mike Goldman

mike goldman

mike goldman