Happy Australia Weekend

Let me sum it up because people are crapping on way too much about this to the point where it’s almost making me feel guilty celebrating what it means to be Australian. I freakin LOVE Australian Aborigines and everything about their incredible culture, the music, the art, to their awesome sense of humour. I don’t like it if my indigenous friends are sad and a couple, not all of them, are. So let’s throw them a party to celebrate them, us and everything that has ever been achieved by anyone of any race, creed or colour on this great land. Not just people, celebrate stuff! Toast the Harbour Bridge, Didgeridoos, The Diggers, Beer, The land, the Dreamtime, The Beach, Vegemite and the fact we are all awesome and super lucky to be here together in this amazing place. Celebrate not for one day but two days so the people who don’t want to move the date get a bonus to help them work with us. This is called, “The Australia Weekend” holiday. First weekend in February. Do it this year, yes, more parties and holidays please Government people. I could bang on a lot more about this but what we need now is a whole lot less devisive speak and more feel good IDEAS to show compassion, love and understanding for everyone who shares the greatest country on earth. Then hopefully it’s a step towards helping our indigenous brothers and sisters live in equality because there’s still a long way to go. But that’s another chat we need to have.

Mike Goldman

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Mr Motivation

Brent Williams
Known as an expert in team moral, productivity and success, Brent Williams is an international best selling author, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and blockbuster movie producer. His insights into todays youth, the problems they face and how to deal with them are ground breaking. He also has very interesting insights into why anxiety is on the rise.
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Mike 🙂

Ben Darsow

Hes a fresh laugh-out-loud Australian observational & improvised standup comedian and he’s On The Mike. We did a show together at the Sydney Comedy Club and he was awesome. We had a great chat about the strange clubs he has played the world over and his stellar career that is on the rise. Please if you read this leave me a cheeky review on Apple Podcasts. Cheers 🙂

Shooting Goldman Premiere

Shooting Goldman opening to critical acclaim from fans at film festivals across the globe. After years of filming, editing, soundtrack and adr recordings the first sneak screening was held last week on the Gold Coast. Next week our film opens at New Yorks Audience Now film festival. Well done to everyone who worked on our movie. We are all really proud of what we achieved.
One of the best films I’ve seen in years. The main character really drew me in and made me feel like I was him. Ok, it was me.
goldmanPremiere 5goldmanPremiere 68 An amazing night at the Launch Of The Sanctuary Cove Film festival for the Sneak screening of Shooting Goldman. We had celebrities, champagne, food, popcorn and a Shooting Goldman shooting gallery where you could shoot me wherever you like. Well, a cardboard cutout of me anyway.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Andrea Dozzi finally got her wish.

Hey if you didn’t like the movie what better way to let out your frustrations.

STRATEGY DAVE grilled by last years winner.

David the latest evictee says exaxtly what he wanted to say on the show but couldnt, he gets a grilling from Tim Dormer because he didnt win and Dave gets his own back at Big Brother himself by calling him up on the show and telling him his car has been towed.
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YAY! AUSTRALIA 4th in the Medal Tally (silver)

Our Australian Olympians and Coaches have been copping it from all angles for crying too much, throwing Kebabs and generally under performing in what is being called our worst Olympic performance in 20 years. Not fair!! Its time to stop focusing on the negative and look for the silver lining people. We are actually coming 4th beating the worlds number 1 silver producer MEXICO in the Silver medal tally. Plus, silver is worth more than gold in some cases. Where? Well um, what about if you were being attacked by a werewolf or a vampire? in that case silver would be worth more than gold, it could even save your life. There you go. Also our Olympians already beat all 22 million people in Australia to GET to the Olympics, so lets take a gander at all the lazy countries with bigger populations that we are beating in the medal tally. Like Indonesia for example, for a very disciplined country Indonesia have 242,325,638 people and are at 43rd in the medal tally so far. India have over a billion, they have nukes, but no Gold! Come on Aussies, lets celebrate the countries we’re beating in the medal tally 😉
So it goes GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and TOTAL – Then stuff I googled.
24 Australia 1 12 7 20 POPULATION a tincey tiny 22 million
25 Canada 1 3 6 10 POPULATION 34,482,779
26 Czech Republic 1 3 1 5 A lot
27 Sweden 1 3 0 4 A lot
28 Kenya 1 2 2 5 Kenya try harder? POP 41,609,728
29 Brazil 1 1 5 7 POPULATION 196,655,014 DISAPPOINTING!!!
30 Slovenia 1 1 2 4 Ok they only have 2 million, moving on
31 Croatia 1 1 0 2 Lots of hawt babes.
31 Switzerland 1 1 0 2 Only 8 million but they have awesome chocolate and beer so its understandable theyre unfit
33 Iran 1 0 1 2 Trouble and nukes
33 Lithuania 1 0 1 2 Im sick of googling
35 Georgia 1 0 0 1 I went out with a Georgia onece
35 Venezuela 1 0 0 1 Usually good at creating beauty Queens Looky looky – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Venezuelans
37 Mexico 0 3 2 5 POPULATION 112,336,538
38 Colombia 0 3 1 4 They will have a tasty Cigar even if they lose, so really they’re winning
39 Spain 0 2 1 3 POPULATION 47,190,493 thats a lot of Tapas
40 Slovakia 0 1 3 4 Google it
41 Azerbaijan 0 1 2 3 Yahoo it
41 India 0 1 2 3 What! India only has a million? Oh sorry thats a billion. 1,241,491,960
43 Armenia 0 1 1 2 Come on seriously you can search it yourself now.
43 Belgium 0 1 1 2 Nice beer and chocolate
43 Indonesia 0 1 1 2 POPULATION 242,325,638
43 Mongolia 0 1 1 2 I had mongolian BBQ last night, its awesome.
43 Norway 0 1 1 2 Norway am Im getting off topic here.
43 Serbia 0 1 1 2 Never been there, heard its pretty.
49 Egypt 0 1 0 1 Pyramids.
49 Guatemala 0 1 0 1 I heart Guacamole
49 Malaysia 0 1 0 1 Cheap flights from sydney on that new Scoot airline
49 Thailand 0 1 0 1 69 million and awesome scuba diving
49 Chinese Taipei 0 1 0 1 Hang on, maybe they should just rejoin china, they’re WINNING!!
54 Greece 0 0 2 2 Euro troubles, understandable.
54 Moldova 0 0 2 2 Pavalova.
56 Argentina 0 0 1 1 Really really want to go there.
56 Hong Kong 0 0 1 1 My mum won a gold medal in shopping there.
56 Qatar 0 0 1 1 I can play Stairway to heaven on the Quatar
56 Singapore 0 0 1 1 Noodles
56 Tunisia 0 0 1 1 No comment.
56 Uzbekistan 0 0 1 1 They make Uzi’s