Download Is Back On TEN – With Mike, Bree and Fitzy.


Yes the coolest show on TV is back Friday October 17 on TEN.For our first show special Guest Jade Mcrae joins us on the week of her new album launch, theres your chance to win almost $40,000 in cash and prizes with our SONY Download upload competition.  

Plus we will also be showing you cool segments like the “Biggest Waste of Cyberspace”, “Trick or Fully Sick” and “Download Gold”.Its going to be wicked! See you there!  Oh and thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Nick Kids Choice Awards in Melbourne this weekend.

Looks like we may have just won!Will keep you posted.   


P.S I need sponsors in my swim for the royal children’s hospital

    Heres the poeple who sponsored me so far!

Thank you


The Khaki Warrior 06 Oct 08 donation $10.00AUD Crikey! Shall I dump a croc in the pool so you’ll swim faster?
Harvey and Margie 04 Oct 08 donation $100.00AUD Go Mike! Pretend a shark is chasing you!!
Sonia (Perth) 02 Oct 08 donation $100.00AUD An amazing thing that are doing Mike for such a great cause.. Son 🙂
Alex Mavroidakis 02 Oct 08 donation $50.00AUD Go for Gold . . . man.
Emily Knox 02 Oct 08 donation $5.00 AUD Go Goldman! Save some kiddos
ernie & dino 02 Oct 08 donation $25.00AUD go mikey, you’re a legend.
virginia and jade 26 Sep 08 donation $10.50AUD hiya mike!!!
Andrew Gladwin 21 Sep 08 donation $25.00AUD Go Mikey !!
Heath and Naish 19 Sep 08 donation $10.00AUD Go Mike 


5 thoughts on “Download Is Back On TEN – With Mike, Bree and Fitzy.

  1. Hey Mike… Hope you are well? Finally, it’s back! Really looking forward to watching the shows… 😉 I’m sure it’ll get top ratings.. Good luck on the swim!!

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