Hi Im Kyle Sandilands…..Well, not really….

So at about 12.05 am on Thursday night/Friday morning I was at a bar in Sydney called De Nom about to drink a disgusting cocktail with fig’s and gin in it when I got a text from Tom the producer of the Kyle and Jackie O show. “Kyle is sick, can you please fill in from 4.30am tomorrow?”, was the brief message. Thank FCUK I didnt have to drink this stupid bloody cocktail, I thought, and went straight home to bed. So after about three hours sleep, we interviewed Mat and Nat the finalists of Idol, Craig David and Peter Costello on the eve of the election. Pretty full on and considering my TV show Friday Night Download was on that night against Funniest Home Videos. This was an extremely lucky opportunity to promote our show. It didn’t stop there as Kyle couldn’t do an MTV special with the Rogue Traders so I filled in for him there too. It was fun being him for a day thats for sure!

So the big Idol finale is on Sunday and Im going with my girlfriend Tanya for the first time.

Cant wait!……

MTV Rogue

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